My evocation goddess amaterasu

hello guys! i want to share my experience evoke amaterasu
im not traditional ritual with fancy stuff
i just use meditation, meditate to her image in my third eye and chant her name

goddess amaterasu come
goddess of the sun come
goddess of the light come
light of the universe come
goddess of raging fire come

she comes to me with only sound and bright light! her sound is so soft, like a mother!

this is my chat with her

me: goddess of the sun sun come
amaterasu: you cannot achieve what you want, because so many burden in your heart your brain, worries, fear!
you must escape, and throw away your burden, your worries to achieve what you want, what you desire!

(what? she knows what i want to talk to her? ehmm ok :wink:slightly_smiling_face:
(that is true, i feel, i cannot “go to the next level” in magic, cause i feel so many confusion, worries, burden in my life)

me: thank you goddess, so do you want to help me
amaterasu: of course
me: ehm do you really japanese goddess?
amaterasu: i want to ask to you? is japan sun, and chinese sun different? is japan sun and europe sun is different?
me: no
amaterasu: so im not just japanese goddess, im universal, iam the sun!
you are all my son! you are under my sun!
me: i want to talk about darkness path and light path!
amaterasu: there is no light or darkness path! light and darkness always come together! you must know the darkness to see the light! and you need the light to walk in the darkness
i ever come to you in your dream before, i come with my brother susanoo!
he is chaos, he is storm
im the order, im the light, he is a darkness

(yes, thats right, she ever comes to me in my dream with very bright light! and she come with his brother susanoo, susanoo come to me with Yoroi (japanese armor) and he wields sword)

some chat, i cannot share to you, that is my personal chat (secret) LOL

okay guys! i will update again! when i evoke her again

thats amazing experience


Thank you for sharing! Very powerful chat and good advise.


Wow :scream_cat: I might want to try contacting her. She seems great

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she is really great
you musttt!!

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when i take a bath
amaterasu say to me
"its time, i will teach you! how to become the SUN"

i amaze, no sun magic no light magic
but to become sun itself

ill update soon


A little late to the party, but, any updates?