My evocation failure

This is just a footnote but i did an evocation to speak with a demon and it was to bed a girl. However it failed and it was to belial and azazel. Both at seperate times i thought of doing an evocation to see why this did not work?, perhaps it is a lesson there is something to learn from all of this and it was towards a targeted female. Implanting thoughts from lord Kiltan and some other demons from the BOA over the course of the last two to 4 weeks the girl told me today that it will never happen so im confused because she is the prude type of woman who isnt interested in anyone yet lets me grab her breasts and doesnt slap or hit me so im at an impass. I wonder if contacted too many demons may have watered down the process but in one of my talks with belial i automatically said without thinking “draw me to her” instead of " draw her to me" this was automatic as is most things in my evocations i would like some constructive criticism here from seasoned adepts… Also as a footnote i tried to put it out of my mind the girl the ritual the end result but it was stuck in my thoughts for days even within my subconscience dreams

Well girls are either Fast or Slow. From a pickup artist slant you have to figure out how she internally processes information and emotions. Depending on her strategy is how you would engage her in the Mating Dating Process.

If she likes it slow, then you have to use more strategy. Belial’s isn’t just all about chest pounding power, he also is about the Art of Skill/Talent. So even Belial’s can be very smooth and gentle, etc. You could tailor your magick to be more gentle instead and to draw her out, instead of pounding on her Psychic Door. Calling upon things like her Curiousity help, but that’s where getting to know her and conversation help.

Agreed with above. I work with Belial all the time, and I have witnessed first hand his Alpha destructive, but also Alpha sit back and slowly make moves with a poker face.

I’ve cursed people with Belial and they were royally fucked withing a day. I also did a money spell with him for a friend and that was 2 months ago… Now my buddy who is an artist and more into star wars is listening to money audios and is trying to start a business on the side. My buddy wanted a new job with more pay, so I told belial to get him the job that will make him the most money. I thought it failed, but just a few days ago I find this out and thats when I realized it did not fail, Belial is turning him into an actual entrepreneur which is WAY out of his character. Teaching him how to turn money into money. That will bring him the most money possible. Interesting shit… so be patient.

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