My evil brother

Am sorry to say this but I wish my brother was dead . Or had an accident that left him paralyzed or something.This stupid kid that I practically raised today had the guts to fight me and called me homeless and useless to my kids. I found him holding a stick wanting to beat up my kid because of wearing shoes wrong.Can you believe this…Am so pissed right now…

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I mean nothing wrong with beating the shit out of him, brothers do it all the time, puts them in their place, but you could also call the cops and if he goes to jail manifest an accident while inside :eyes:


He’s 28 and am 31 …but he’s huge. I tried my best to beat the shit out of him but I got punched couple of times. :smiley::smiley: I really need my life back again.

Though if he’s trying to hit your kids with a stick that’s kinda grounds for arrest.


I’m sorry to hear that.

You could bind him away from you guys? You could also petition a spirit to deal with him.

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I wanted to call the cops but my mother won’t let me. It’s ok like I stated on my previous post I’ll just be patient and let King Belial and King Paimon do their work. You never know maybe it’s them showing me how to get rid of such .When my life is back on track I will not be as generous as I was before.

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Which spirit? I would like this.

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I know you mentioned your mom won’t let you call the cops. What’s more important though, mom’s reaction or the safety of your kid? Just saying.

Definitley work with a spirit to help guide things in a better direction. If you are working with Belial and king Paimon, prehaps consult them about it. Or with lucifer.


Well if you’re working with King Paimon or Belial then one of them could help you. I’d recommend Belial in particular.

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You can still call and make a police report after the fact, so it’s on the record. If it escalates that can be evidence, and you have grounds for a restraining order.
TBH, the kids come first, and your mom is being utterly irresponsible.

Try a freezer spell to keep him away from you.


I posted this a week ago explaining my brothers behavior now that am poor ( sorry am direct)

Yes I actually was thinking of the same thing . My kids come first no matter what.They have been through enough already with their father.So am not going to let my idiot good for nothing brother traumatize them again. I will deal with him