My errors and how I plan to fix it

I’ve posted a bit about my intended target and after much research am sharing my mistakes here so that others can learn from it and sharing a part of my plan as I need others inputs prior to carrying it out.

Mistake 1: attachment. My enemy is still alive and thriving because each time I do destroy him on the soul or astral level, I take sympathy. Due to his abilities, he feeds of this energy and disappears until he heals. This mistake can be cleared with medidation and by cutting off my sympathy to him. So yeah don’t attach to your target this way.

Mistake 2: Underestimating the power of Ancestors, Guardians or prayers. Remember that 10 people blessing someone can easily negate or reduce your curses. So I plan on first cutting off his blessings by creating a sigil for that purpose. This is the equivalent of seiging your enemy in warfare. Fortunately my target has no deities or angels or demons protecting him, yours might so plan wisely. In my case, mine has ancestors who got his back. Fortunately our shared ancestors are not intervening but his maternal ancestors are. My plan? Some deities are willing to help me fuck shit up there. I wonder how it will turn out.

Mistake 3: Underestimating your targets will to live. Your target doesn’t want to die period. They can and will resist so sometimes it takes multiple attacks to do some damage. I plan on making the next series of attacks count.

Mistake 4: Not cloaking. I ask my deities to hide me in the event that the targets people decide to consult a spiritual healer, this way no one knows its me. So do the same. Especially if the target knows someone who practices magick or does so themselves.

I’d appreciate any other advice as I attempt to make this permenant. I plan on taking my time this time and need to hit my mark.


No real response, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your process. I believe there are established rituals you can use to negate another’s protection. See Magickal Attack or Angels of Wrath published by the Gallery of Magick.

…Not a GoM shill, I swear. Just find their books so varied and useful.

I find it interesting you noted this. Why do you take sympathy? I get it – but ask yourself this. Can you use sympathy/empathy to your advantage, somehow? If your target has inflicted great pain on others, can you instil in him the feeling of sympathy/empathy – making him feel overwhelming guilt and contrition for his acts – and let his own energy work against him as you continue to weaken him from the outside? Just a thought.

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Dont curse if you have sympathy all your curses will backfire immensely.

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Yeah one of my Deities agreed to help me break down his protection. However my target also belongs to a Vampyric bloodline, should I take other precautions in this case?

Because everytime I have an edge over him, I think of his family and how devastated they would be. It doesn’t help that they do something nice for me everytime I’m in the zone to finish him but Odin told me that the attachment is a problem. Your solution would help and I could try it. The thing is from what I felt in my encounters is that he gives no fucks and won’t hesitate to kill if it benefits him.

I will be detaching from my sympathy soon maybe by working with a War God.