My entities drawing journey!


So I finally decided to share my drawings here!!!
A while ago I asked Lucifer to help me with my ability to see entities and that i will be trying to draw what I see in dreams and visions. I still have a long way to go but here is what I got so far.

I first started with a concept and ended with this. Then I asked for a dream visit and I was so bad at remembering the full details.

So this is all I could remember… I had to ask again for a face that i can remember and got this!

I remember I asked him in the dream why this face because I have seen it before in another dream!. He said “thats what you see”…
So then I asked him about someone that came to me before I came to this path and if that was also him I would draw it. The paper burned without burning the “Yes” so i got it as an answer.

This is what I have so far and i don’t think am done with Lucifer.
Feel free to use these if you like, I don’t mind.

Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As
What does he look like

All are amazing, but the last one is just… spectacular, gives a very edgy and dark vibe :heart_eyes:


I really like your style. :grin:


So cool! I love the first piece so bad!


Always good to see artists at work!


Just finished this for Lilith :heart: she didn’t show up in my dream, but inspired this.

The way I imagine Lady Lilith

I am working on seeing king paimon but he helped me remake some things from my dreams! I question if I did these for real! Thanks king paimon!

Archangel Michael jumped in my dream and took a while for me to actually realise who is this! I got the answer after finishing this…

Asmodeus came to me when I was working on Lilith actually. So I decided I should finish this before I forget since I got the time. And yes I forgot the face details so I did a basic one! He was showing me how earth works and yes we where in space! :thinking: maybe that was an astral thing? Idk!


I have seen the last one, when I was much smaller. Your drawing is pretty accurate.:heart_eyes:


So my dreams got supper weird with king paimon! He is mostly invisible when am close! :sunglasses: or I might just be blind! Well this is kinda what I have seen.

I added the snake in the seen because I have seen a snake on me and some reptilian. I think they just follow him maybe?

How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide

So this is as close to how Belial showed up to me this time! It was darker and everything around was dark as well so I added the brown to show more details!


the last one!!!
holy shit I LOVE IT!


:grinning: thanks!


Ma booooiii


Loving these pictures! You have talent <3


You have a serious talent!


So this was Azazel’s week! He was coming to me as crushs I have! Lol! But am never drawing that!
What I visualized is this! Total imagination.


Then he started come to me as aura or energy or some kind of field! It’s so colourful! So I made this.

It is so energetic and overwhelming! When he mixs with my energy I become an emotional mess… dealing with something in my daily life didnt make it better…

Has Azazel ever taken an Angelic form before?
Azazel: Spirit forms and repressed urges

He tried that with me, but I don’t have any crushes, so he appeared as someone aesthetically interesting who’s music I like that I have a squish on. I’m like, that’s pretty but its not him… er, why? Not even the daemons get what an asexual is [sigh].
Anyway, nice verification, glad it’s not just me. :slight_smile:


I kinda want to make that Azazel one into the meme with the red glowing eyes XD


Another Belial drawing! This is how he came to me the first couple of times!


So this attempt was King Bael! I tell you he is weird or am weird? Idk! I’ll be writing this experience in my journal! He showed me cartoonish theater? Was fun! Musical and all! Yeah I swear Willy the pooh was there too! When it’s done I thought my cat came to my bed? I brushed my hand on to him like usual but something was wrong? The mouth was a frog? So I did this :hugs:

Someone near King Bael?