My entities drawing journey!


This is amazing, you are spectacular at drawing!


:no_mouth: has anyone seen king paimon like this? @SoliMar ?
This was in a dream and in my head! The outfit stood out! He is usually invisible! That’s why am struggling with this… :laughing:

My self progression journal

Curious to see Bathin haha


Funny you said that! Am planning to work with him soon since his name was in a dream!


Ooh, me too! Ma boi!


:hugs: another Bael!

Appearing as a cat?

:rofl: when I need help on the astral and call Michael this is how he enters! The WOW moment!


Holy crap, good job paying attention to detail!


A while back in November 2018 I had this vision coming in my mind repeatedly when I meditate but I didn’t know who! So I remembered I petitioned Sastan to help me with my senses! I was expecting a salamander so I never noticed the other form! It’s not like they come up to me with a name tag :unamused: so yeah I just figured it out… I had a gut feeling that I need to read his description. So here I am! too late but better than never!


Yes! This is exactly how I always see Paimon (Just different clothing) He usually wears a white robe around me, it’s a lot more casual. But I have seen him wearing gorgeous clothing before, he showed once this royal purple robe with gold threading that seemed to glow. He certainly has a eclectic (but beautiful) style taste!


:heart_eyes: awesome! Thanks for confirming it to me!


I’d bang


This is gorgeous darling!:dancer:t2:


:thinking: Duke Bathin? This black dude shows up alot when I started working with Bathin! Ever since the first dream with Bathin’s name he was there! I just realised it’s Bathin! He was in the distance standing looking at me! Each time I look away he get closer! Until he was at my face!


These are dope. I’ve seen that second one before! The exact image, the pose, the chair, the clothing. :exploding_head:


Gorgeous Lilith artwork Miku


These are all amazing! Bookmarking.


Have you ever painted or seen Glasya-Labolas? I would love one of him


Now that you mentioned it I read about him! I wonder if he was the puppy “looks like Bolognese breed”! In my dream a while ago! Many entities where there including Orobas horse form! Bael weird cat form! A huge chicken! :sweat_smile: was full of animals surrounding me and two dark men figures saying “Its ok”!
I am planning to see all the goetia! :thinking: I’ll approach him after I close the sigils I am currently working with!


Maybe, was the Dog a ginger color by any chance?

I just googled that Dog type and they are white

I will look forward to it in the future. x