My encounters with Ba'al

For a few years I would ever so faintly sense this being. However, it was not until some members of the Anon “legion” assailed me the morning of a new year on January first, an event would occur to align my perception. For I had fallen into a depression because I felt like my searchings and reaching’s out were in vain. Also, I had thought that I was simply mad and lost grace with that which I was hardly even considering real anymore.

So this one evening I saw open before me inner visually, triggering intensely compelling sensation which raced through my body, the facial and bodily form of an immediate terrifying creature. I was stricken with horror very quickly which heightened. Though, I had prepared myself to handle such “levels” of fear within myself. So I resounded by ringing forth my emanations.

As very large spiders descended before me upon their woven cords, the face of Ba’al shown before me like the face of some type of arachnid. Though, respecting my human susceptibility to the influence of his immense power, he gracefully remained mostly hidden in a thick smoky shroud of darkness which concealed his wholler form. For this being (in this most terrifying form) abhors light utterly and is not seen even by those he falls upon to strike.

His voice spoke to me clearly and he shown me the face of the perpetrator who had assailed my very mind and soul. Then the terrible Lord showed me my assailants wife and I saw them in a hospital. I saw them very worried and near broken from stress. The words “miscarriage” echoed and whispered in my mind. Suddenly I was filled with tremendous glee and I felt Ba’al’s almost compassion for me… I know that sounds very strange. That such a demonic Lord would care for a human but that’s exactly what happened as it happened.

I didn’t request the meeting or the retribution. Ba’al appeared before me and volunteered to be an avenger before me. I have sense become slightly more familiar with this being but I often appear as a very brilliant shining light child so he doesn’t come around very often. Though, I have been trying to share the sensation of humor with him lately. I often work with many beings offering them glimpses of human sensation and memory. This is my imparting. I expect nothing back. For why should the gods be summoned before humans to grant them this and that? Why can’t there be humans who appear before the god’s to attempt to impress them?! I guess that sounded rhp-ish… meh #truestory The things I share are the things which I have experienced.

Why did the anon legion attack you?

Ba’al actually wasn’t considered evil until the Hebrews came to Canaan. They thought El was great, equating him with Yahweh. However they figured that El’s son Ba’al was all sorts of evil due to his orgiastic fertility ritual shenanigans. Ba’al is death and rebirth, procreation, fertility, love, war. In a lot of ways the New Testament is Ba’al’s revenge on the Hebrews.

Sadly many demons are truly misunderstood gods. heh

@Paulden - I don’t think he was real anon but he had a small crew pull some slick shit. I don’t think he knew who I let him talk to though lol Sometimes I just love the profane! >:D

I often reach out to people. I used to maintain a small group where I revealed a great amount of my early work. All my original work by a small paper back book is gone except I remembered tiny minimal symbols which open before me and reteach me any data I intent to learn. Though I often devote all my time and efforts to reaching out. So this fellow I invited into my group and he assumed a fully weaponized personality and began dumping heavy invasive codes. Yet, it’s my way to receive such and process by my own challenging and also because I realize some people are horribly volatile yet they are wholly unaware. Anyway, yea that.

@Neeros - Ha! I like your name, I thought about naming my kid Nero if I ever have one… That’s because real demons are the powerful ancient warrior kings of foreign natures who awoken tremendous power and will. I summon these powers readily also and have spoken of them in multiple public forums. “The Pure Infinite Energy Cores”

The reason why WE are considered demons is because it’s not chakra based energy. Chakras are harmonically bound pathways through which universal energy is harness. That’s not MY ancient origin race’s regardless of how popular it is. Though, I have come to learn the concept and the workings of Chakra. I kinda prefer my own powers though. Only problem is, they are hard on the mind and physical body. The “demon” part comes from hyper compartmentalized aspectual forms resonated by the energies of the true super consciousness. So there were human conduits who matched the harmonic resonance (though not necessarily in scale but accord), many of these ancient warrior kings, agents of kings, nomads, sorcerers, priests, and assassins. You Wuna try real inevokation? Try channeling an entire debate about the unfounded cosmos beyond the procession of light between “demon” kings.

Who or what are the Anon legion?

I tell an amazing sanity bending story about something I actually saw and experienced yet people are more interested into wuna be anon punk.

Not really, I was merely being curious as to who or what this Anon Legion is - surely I wouldn’t want to join them, life is complicated enough as it is.

Your story is great, but I’d understand it better if I knew who or what these people/beings/whatever are.

I agree, I was confused whether you meant “Anonymous” or what, it would help add context?

Exactly. ‘Anon Legion’ is a name used by the IT-Freedomfighter Group Anonymous on sites such at LinkedIn & (I think) YouTube, but somehow I just can’t envision this group partaking in astral war-games, so…(?)

Yea I’m not into all that detail stuff. At least not in that degree.

Ok, so we’re not supposed to take this thread serious then?

It’s just an experience I had dude. Take it however you like, doesn’t change the fact that it still occurred. I consider myself lucky to be sane after the event.

It was never my intention to imply that it didn’t, and if this was your impression, then please accept my apology.

My point was to require on these Anon-guys - I was doing so in an attempt to learn, not only out of curiosity but also for future reference - just in case I might bump into them or something. So what are they?

Im tired and not overly interested in Anon either. My understanding of the mechanica behind angels and demons is different. Your perception if The dark cloudy stuff and emotion suits more the Concept that “Light is Darkness turned inside out” as in turned Inward, where your perception of such Light is both Positive and Negative as such use of Light Mirrors the depths of your own Unconscious.