My Encounter with Lucifuge

Lucifuge appears

some time passes while he is here,

“Shame…I thought he was stronger.” I hear him say.

I turn to him

“I AM strong.”

“I was the one who held Lucifer’s hand while we were in the house of Ra and he was terrified.”

“I am Lucifer’s brother.”

“I was the one Lucifer wanted to pass the torch as Lord of Hell.”

“I was the one who saved Lucifer’s life.”

“I was the one who beat Lucifer when we had our battle.” (something that I didnt write before, this happened after the spat we had)

Lucifuge stares a bit, then he does something unexpected, he bows.

I bow back as a gesture of respect

after a while, he departs, engulfed in fire as he descends back to hell.

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I still don’t think Lucifer offered you anything, because when Lucifer chooses to step away from his throne for a break Beelzebub would take his place, or any of the other of the Kings of the Infernal that stand by him.

but I also moved this to where it belongs in journals.


Given Lucifer’s father isn’t Ra lol, that is also unlikely but since it’s been moved to journals your experience it helps~


Thank you for moving it

I would say Lucifers father is Anu but I am not really sure since I didnt research him fully. :thinking:


Velenos would you mind doing a general tarot on my current spiritual situation if you have time?

On pm?

How are you by the way

Just trying to get rid of addictions, how about you?

I’ve given you a few tarot readings before in which from what I see you chose to ignore, I rather not waste my energy on giving someone a reading for them to ignore it for what sounds more fitting for them. That’s disrespectful to both our time being wasted.

How did I ignore it, I didn’t Velenos, I actually kept it in mind, but when you wrote personal desires that can mean anything, I meant no disrespect, I actually kept in mind the readings

Keep going then

When a tarot is focused on a question personal desire is specific to the question asked, that was for you to take a moment to analyze what fits into your experiences and what doesn’t fit, what aligns and what doesn’t align.

re-read the readings you’re not seeing the details.

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Send the question and I’ll see about it.