My element?

hello everyone
any way to know what is my element?
fire? air? water? earth?
i think working with demons who are same element
may have very better result
what is your opinion؟؟

Idk, you could ask the pendulum or from what I know the element of the patron deity of someone corresponds with the element of that specific individual.

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You can work with whatever entity you want, your element to which your linked doesn’t matter too much.


I meditate on it, after awhile feel like im floating, then i start swimming, i smell ocean and then i know what my element is

Afterwards i had the worst headache of my life

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You could always go with astrology to find your element if nothing else catches your fancy.

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Go with astrology and what element attracts you the most.


When I look I get strong earth/air energy from you.

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I agree on earth.

You can also feel it.
You are more drawn into earth you like crystals, herbals and work in garden?
Or you are more a dreamer who always “have a head in sky” as they say in my country ?
Aso… your horoscope sign should help you and tell you which one could be most usefull for you.

interesting thanks for sharing

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it is depends on birth month?

it is by born month?

oh greatttttt
thanks for looking:pray::pray:

greatttttt thanks for looking:pray::pray::pray::pray:

King Ghobe call him 100% you will work well with him

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as you said i agree with air

Good for you :slight_smile: now try to master it :wink:

Good luck

oh my god
i will work with him tonight
i think you are great clairvoyane

thanks a lot

u can try to meditate and ask your self