My E-Mail To EA Koetting- can anyone HELP ME

Hey there guys, Im new. I have a question for everyone- and since Ive been typing for a bit now, Ive decided Id just post the PM I wrote for EA (before I found out that you cant send him or Timothy PMs). I am hoping he or Timothy will see this, or maybe one of you can help me with this, or tell me how I can get ahold of them without paying $150 for a phone consultation just to ask one question. Anyways here it is:


My name is Emrys, I’m 20 years old. I have been SERIOUSLY studying the occult for years, though honestly, up until recently I am what you call an “armchair occultist”. That has changed recently I am very dedicated to my path. I only found out about you 2 weeks ago, searching the web for knowledge. I am so glad I found you! You are my occult hero, you go FAR BEYOND what most occultists are willing to say or write down. I bet you have a lot of enemies for that. I cannot tell you in words how much I appreciate what you are doing for the world. Now is a good time fo Magick, and I truly believe Magick is going to change the world. Magick is what I have always been seeking, I was raised Christian, but always wanted more. I wanted PRACTICAL spirituality, I wanted to take life in my own hands. I thank you for the knowledge you share E A.

I am pretty upset though, I feel like I found you too late. I wanted to buy one of your Complete Works more than anything. The day I found your website it was still for sale. I GOT THE MONEY READY BY THE NEXT DAY AND IT WAS SOLD OUT! And $400 is a lot for me to get together, as I am currently unemployed, as I have a lot of “problems”. I am a recovering drug addict, almost off of methadone. I have a lot of physical health problems as well. I really feel like your books would have made A HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life. And I was completely willing to pay $400 for it. I feel that that was an amazing bargain for the knowledge that it contained. I am so bummed out. I want nothing more (physical possession wise) in the world but a copy of your Grimoire. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the past 5 years on occult books, and most of them are shit. I know that I would have cherished this book like no other. I feel like I missed out BAD.

Eric, I am unemployed, and my doctor says I am technically “disabled”, and am waiting to receive Disability benefits. There is no possible way I could afford to buy your books off of E-Bay. I am definitely going to be supporting your cause, I am going to sign up for your Divination course, and your monthly Interviews with A Magician in a couple weeks when I get more money. I am also going to be doing some one-on-one consultations. The price is worth it to learn from you. AND I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO BE GETTING YOUR MASTERING EVOCATION COURSE! I am super excited about that. I can’t wait. That’s my favorite topic, of course.

Anyways, what I’m getting at here is, and I’m sure you get this a lot, but maybe, just maybe, you will see how desperate I am and how much I admire your teachings, IS THERE ANYWAY I COULD GET A COPY OF YOUR COMPLETE WORKS, is there any left at all, that maybe I could pay a bit extra for, or ANY COPIES OF ANY OF YOUR BOOKS THAT YOU COULD SELL ME MORE A NOT RIDICULOUS PRICE, like the prices they’re going for on E-bay. I will never, ever sell any of these book(s), if you could do something for me Eric. I would be forever grateful.

If there really is no copies left do you think you could make a photocopy of the complete works, and I could pay you $100 or 2 hundred bucks for it (maybe you could sign it! that would be great!). I honestly don’t care if its even a real book E A, as I am not selling it. I just desperately want the information inside. You are the most revealing and informative and genuine of all the Occult teachers out there. PLEASE HELP ME CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER E A. I have suffered a lot (not to be a bitch) and so has my family, I wan’t to do good things with my life, but my body’s holding me back. I need healing. I need to grow. I want to take life by my own hands, and I already am believe me, my life is getting better, but I believe truly that I was meant to buy one of those books. And even if you can’t do anything for me, I will find a way, some day, to get one.

Please help me E A. I will pay for any ink you use if you do just make me a copy, and I will pay for shipping if you want to.

Your friend, and admirer,

Emrys Magistus (Emrys C Miller).

PS- I really do need change in my life, and I’ve never been so sure someone could help me. I can’t wait to hear back from you. If you for some reason want to get to know me more before you would be willing to do something like that for me, I would be willing to prove myself sincere. I see the prices your books are going for on E-bay, and I really don’t want you to think I’m somebody trying to make money off of your books. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I WILL NEVER SELL THIS BOOK WHEN I GET IT! I will cherish it forever. I am a book freak. I have thousands of books. Ones I’ve bought from bookstores, occult store, ordered off the internet, ordered from publishing companies etc. Theres never been a book I’ve wanted so much, and Ive wanted a lot of books. I love books, and I love the occult/ Magick and absolutely love books on the Occult. Ive never been into video games and tv like all my other friends and kids at school when I was younger. I read books.

By the way, I am very interested in Haitian Voodoo Voudon, and all of the Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Caribbean, Congos area folk magic systems traditions. I would love to read the Green Butterfly, as well. I cant wait for your course on that either, and I`m watching your seminar on youtube about it right now.


Anyways, thats my problem. If there is anyone out there who has a copy of any of his books, or the complete works, I will be willing to pay ANYONE for a copy, printed, scanned, on a disc, in book forum, DVD- R, emailed, TXT, I dont care. I just desperately want this knowdledge, and it sucks even more for me, because I was actually GOING TO BUY IT THE DAY IT SOLD OUT! The day before you could still order a copy, the next day when I had the money, it was sold out! Ièm so upset. Somebody please help me with this. I will be so grateful!

Oh, and if buying a photocopy or something is against the law, or copyright or something, Ièm not sure, Ièm sorry, and this message is just ment for E A andéor Timothy to get to EA, surely you can print and sell copies of your own works, right.

Anyways, if it technically illegal maybe you can let it slide, because I want it purely for informal purposes. I want to learn! And I am going to be contibuting the the website very soon, within the next couple of weeks I will be ordering the Divination course, and Interviews With A Magus. And as soon as I have more money after that I will make a phone consultation. And I CANT WAIT FOR THE EVOCATION COURSE! I WILL BE GETTING THAT RIGHT AWAY!

Anyways, somebody send me a PM or an E-mail: my email adress is:

Although the complete works is a treasure in and of itself I think you will find that the “Mastering…” courses will help you achieve your goals anyway. Put it in this light, learn through the resources offered here and then when you have established your power if yo still want the complete works then put out a series of rituals to manifest one in your life.

Yeah thats a good idea. Besides, I just ordered Book of Azazel, from Nephilim Press, as well as Evoking Eternity and Ipssissumus (spelling?) from Amazon, used. I’m psyched. Those are the books I wanted most, them and The Green Butterfly and Questing After Visions. I’m not too into Baneful Magick, as I don’t really plan on killing anyone, though I respect the knowledge, and would read it if I had it.

Your right though, I’m just going to take the Mastering Evocation Course when its ready, and for now the Divination course. Also, I have to get the Interview With A Magus with S. Connolly, I’m psyched about that as well.

The only other book that I really need of his now is The Green Butterfly, has anyone read it, is it any good?

I can’t wait to get the Book of Azazel. I know it’s not beginners stuff, but i’ve been studying this stuff for years, I’m really into working with demons, and the left hand path and what not, not that I’m really a dark person, quite the contrary actually. I literally just ordered it from Nephilim. First time I ever used a credit card to order offline. That’s how much I wan’t this EA’s work.

I’ve been watching EA’s videos on youtube, especially the Evocation seminar, and the Haitian Vodoun seminar, awesome, awesome stuff man. You’re right Soundwave, with the the videos on YouTube, the stuff he’s offering on his website, and going to be offering, I can learn enough, I don’t really need the compelte works I guess, though I’m still bummed out, cuz I totally would of paid for it. I JUST missed, you know. How shitty is that. Anyways, with the Evocation and Divination courses, his seminars and videos on youtube, and his 3 books that I ordered (Evoking Eternity, Ipssisumus, and Book of Azazel), plus I don’t know if I’m supposed to, but I have a pdf copy of Kingdoms of Flame, and the BALG E-book. So yeah, I got plenty to study for now.

So, unless anyone is interested in my orginal offer (heh, I still want it anyways), I’m turning this thread into my introduction. I posted a lot about myself in the previous post. I’m a young guy, 20, I live in Ontario, Canada, and I am extremely interested in Hermetics, Ritual Magic. Evocation, Grimoire tradition, the Western Tradition, Kabbalah, Qlippoth, Demonolatry, Left Hand Path, Luciferian/ Black Magic etc.

In am relitively new to the actual practice of the Magical Arts, even though I’ve been studying for years. Any recomendations for as beginner? What are any practical recomendations, beginner rituals and excercises etc. that you found helpful when you first started. I’ve got tarot cards down, the Hebrew alphabet, tons of Kabbalistic and magical theory, I perform the Middle Pillar Ritual everyday, I’ve started doing the LBRP (do any of you even do this? Is this real magick or new age bullshit?), and I’ve been doing a lot of excercises from Franz Bardons Initiation INto Hermetics, and I forget the Author, but the books called 7 Letters On Hermetics. My favourite authors and books so far are joseph C lisiweski, (oh thats another thing, I do the Daily Aspersion Ritual for attracting worldy and spiritual success, a catholic based ritual “re-discovered” by Joseph C lisiweski and given in his short lived news letter Howlings From The Pit. Also I really like Franz Bardons books, Lon Milo Duquettes books, especially The Chicken Qabbalah, and Im really into Stephen Skinners Grimoires ( Complete Magicians Tables, Grimoire of St Cyprus, Goetia of Dr Rudd, Raziel, etc.), and of course the 3 Books and 4th Book of Agrippa. Also Kabblah for Health and Wellness by Mark Stavish is a great book. I also own Crowleys Gems from The Equinox, and a bunch of books on Enochian magic, Golden Dawn, Thelema, High Magick etc. Donald Micheal Kraigs Modern Magick: 12 Lessons in the High Magickal Arts is actually pretty good. Summoning Spirits by Konstontinos.

The only books Ive read on the Left Hand Path are S Connollys Complete Demonolatry, and a few o her other books, and a couple books by Micheal Ford, one is called the Bible of the Adversary I think, and the other is Liber HVIH, and I also have The Twin Flames, I almost forgot about that. Besides these guys and E A Koetting, I dont really know where to turn for beginning the Left Hand Path. Are there any good beginners guides to the LHP, or am I already on the right track.

Do you think EA does things like the LBRP, or The Middle Pillar, the Rose Cross Ritual etc. or is he way passed that, is it even real magick

Yes, E.A. went through golden dawn rituals.

Those rituals works good for me.

My tip for you is for you go read his free articles, they will teach you spirit sigil magick and you can start changing your reality right now!

My mother just let me use her credit card to not only order the Book of Azazel, but since I made that last post 20 minutes ago I have bought the Divination course for $59.00 a month. I promised my mom it would change my life. I have to pay her back for it, but Im still really lucky she did this for me. She rarely uses her credit card, so Im shocked really. I guess it was meant to happen. This course looks amazing, Im looking it all over right now. This is Divination course looks great for a beginner like myself, Im going to go watch it now.

Thanks guys!

You’ve gotten a lot of good advice from these Brothers in Power already. I can say, though, from what you’ve said about your life and circumstances, as well as what I’m getting intuitively, that these next 6 months are going to be crucial for you. You’re going to be on a roller coaster ride, but if you hang on and buckle down, you’re going to find that the things that are now obstacles will be obliterated, and you’ll soon be dealing with a higher order of problems in life!

I do keep an eye on some of the posts here, and like you’ve already seen, this is a literal movement that is far greater than just me, so use the hell out of the forum as you progress. Post questions, post experiences, post successes, and let your power unravel!