My dreams won't listen to me

So recently I’ve been working on dreamwalking, and one of the first steps is lucid dreaming.

Throughout my life I always had trouble dreaming, or at least remembering my dreams. I also never had a lucid dream that I know of. Even in crazy dreams I only realize I was dreaming when I wake up. I’ve been doing visualization exercises in my inner temple before going to sleep. I’ve also been recording my dreams in my journal. Both of these things made me remember my dreams a lot more. Now I’ve got to the part where every now and then I realize I’m dreaming.

Now the problem is, when I realize I’m dreaming I can’t do anything at all. I either wake up immediately, even though I don’t get excited or frustrated. Or in the more curious cases, my dream completely freezes. I can’t move and neither can anything else. My goal is to go to my inner temple but I can’t change the scenery or anything else I have two recent examples of that in the past few days.

One time I was trying to get to some kind of monster, when everything froze I just managed to slowly slide towards it, and when I got to it I woke up, also I could still see it’s face for a couple of minutes. The other time I saw a woman with a mask, this time I didn’t try getting to her but just changing the scenery. Everything was still frozen, however her mask started getting white circles through which dozens of blue smiling butterflies started comming from. Then I woke up and curiously, again I could see the butterflies flying in my room for a couple of minutes.

So are there any exercises or other ways to force my dreams to do as I will? It seems like I’m just acting in a movie someone else has written, and the second I realize this and try to change something, everything stops and I get thrown out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah! You could play some more video games.

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I had this trouble a few months ago. It really surprised me because as a teenager I was able to gain control of my dreams.

Baron Samedi finally met me in one of my dreams and gave me some advice on it however. I asked for help with it. Maybe it will help you too-

Basically he showed me to not react when I would realize I am dreaming. Then He showed me to slowly take control Of the dream by only changing one aspect - such as the pattern on the wall.

The theory basically was to transition slowly so that you don’t wake yourself up or simply continue watching, but knowing it’s a dream.

I thought it was an interesting way to regain control and it seemed to help me.

The other thing people always say thst does in fact help, at least with becoming aware of when your dreaming, is to start writing down any dream you do remember. Telling yourself at bedtime that you will remember your dreams helps also, and reality checks are another one.


I wish I could play more haha, but I think I’d fail my college classes if I did. I’m playing around 10-20 hours each week, when I get some free time.

I am writing down my dreams when I wake up, and I’m also doing reality checks, but I still never remembered to do them in a dream haha. I will however start telling myself to remember my dreams, maybe it could help.

Not reacting and slowly starting to change stuff might actually be a great way to do it. It’s quite possible I’m just trying too hard, and doing it step by step should be easier. Thank you for your help! :blush:

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