My dream answered to my question?

So I’ve been trying to get my ex back. I had 2 spells cast by professionals and I worked with red candela and menstrual blood during the last full moon.
We broke up almost 2 months ago and we never fully went no-contact since there’s always drama and arguments appearing from nowhere :joy:
Anyway, so I blocked him 5 days ago after sending him a whole angry paragraph saying how trash and disrespectful he was to me, and that It would be better if we cut off any contact. From this moment, I absolutely stopped lusting for results and obsessing which has been preventing me from seeing results I guess. In fact, I started to hate him and question if I really want it even though I really love him and want to be with him.
Yesterday morning, I received a text from him out of nowhere at 11:11 saying that I forgot my cardigan at his place and asking if I wanted to come and take it back. I planned to never answer just to get him chasing me because I was unsure about what I should do, and I’ve been kinda begging the last two months so I didn’t want to look easy to get anymore, but I had a dream the same night (after struggling to fall asleep because I strangly felt really anxious towards him) on which we had a very cute relationship as we used to before, and in the same dream I indeed went to pick up my cardigan lol. I was wondering if this could be the answer to my question, because to be honest that text got me really confused about the outcome of things. Sounds like he wants to have sex but i’m still unsure.


I believe these are very well signs, that your spells worked.

Now though, putting someone under love spells and then back out yourself, is not a very nice thing and pretty unfair towards the other, who is now under this influence. If you changed your mind, then undo the spells. It’s not just for him, you are doing that also for you, since love spells may lead sometimes to outcomes not wanted for one self.

Or, go and try again with him, as things may go different this time. Remember though, relations work because we put effort in them though. Because we learn to do things differently where specific things are known to cause issues. And sometimes, if necessary, even put our own desires, wishes or wants in the second row and these of our partners first (we often gain something in return too by doing so!). They can’t work, just alone because of some magick.

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I’m very glad these are signs ! I didn’t step back, I still want to be with him but let’s say that i’m just more leery, i’m in such a revenge state haha and i’ll make him understand that if he really wants me back he’ll have to prove it :wink:

So I’ll see him tomorrow morning and I hope that the outcome will be the one I hoped for because it’s all unpredictable, each time I made contact within the last 2 months it would end bad, we would argue and stuff. I have faith ! And if things aren’t favorable now, they’ll be later.

I’m a man. I don’t understand, why women want to make men think they are not easily to get or afraid of showing, that the other may think they are too interested. When they actually are. I’d love a woman more, which shows that she is very well interested and this would bind me more to her!

This may work in the opposite way, because women are like this… and in turn may think, it works on men. But honestly, I personally don’t think it does. :smiley:

If you want that man, then go for him, why all this “scenery”? If carefully considered, it does not help in any way. Especially, at this stage.

Imho, the best approach is: Sit down together and speak openly about all that both of you have been struggling with in your relationship, things or behaviours which may bother you or cause specific emotions and so on. However, agree at beginning, that nobody will get mad over what the other will say. And do it in a way, that will be not judgemental to the other person, but rather like “it bothers me for reason xy”. That may be, what a relation like yours seem to feel rather needs.

Ah, and yes, I almost forgot, apologize to each other for what has been occuring before (the bad words spoken and what else) and let it all go.

Just my personal thoughts…