My doubts are gone + Love spell(?)

I recently made a thread about my doubts that magick is fictional and won’t even work on a psychological level.
The next day in the morning I looked around for some love spells. I like this girl but never really had the possibility to get to know her, so I decided to test if it worked.

I found this spell (I guess you could call it one.), you start masturbating and start having sexual fantasies of your target. At the moment of erection imagine a blue light starting at your forehead (about where the ajna chakra is). Keep visualising the aforementioned light and say “______ (Name and last name, middle name if you know it too of the target) is now in love with me. I am irresistible to her/him.”

Later that day I got assigned into groups with her to work on not one, but two projects. For the record, I have never been in a group with her before, but we talked here and there. For the whole day she came up to me and we had a few conversations.

I hope some people found that spell useful, unfortunately I could not find the thread where it has been posted. I apologise to the author of that post for not giving credit where it is due.


So the spell got you to speak to her.

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Not really. It did what magick is supposed to do; to increase your possibilities to accomplish your goal. Essentially, “coincidences” will get you closer to your target therefore, helping you accomplish your goal.

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True. Its creating the oppurtunity and opening doorways for you was this a simple candle magick spell. I read it was like a sex magick spell. There are many many methods too many too list

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nice work :slight_smile: keep us updated