My divination

I have used pendulum as divination tool for some months. In the beginning I asked the pendulum questions that I knew the answer so I could see which swing was yes and which was no. It seems however that the pendulum may be inaccurate. I do the divination in an elemental magic circle to ensure there are no unwanted entities. The pendulum cares the symbol of the hindu brahman which is the ultimative divine. Do you know some tests I can do to see if the pendulum are accurate. I cleaned in the smoke of incense in the beginning to remove earlier energies and uses of it.

I would also recommend trying different lengths of chain and weights of the pendulum. If it is too light and the string is to long certain natural twitches can influence the outcome. I have also found how the chain is connected can influence the results. The best connect is a loop connection.


This it how it looks.

The connection looks like a good one and the weight should also be good. How are you holding it? I found holding the end by pinching it with my thumb and middle finger works the best.


Interesting. I use the index and thumb finger.