My depression makes me ugly

I’ve come to realize that depression consumes one’s thoughts and becomes their reality. It becomes hard to not only see through it but also act “Normal”. While I could go to the gym a bit more, I honestly don’t look too bad. I just find it difficult to behave in the appropriate manner when interacting with possible female friends/romantic partners. I either act a bit desperate and come off too strong or I become defensive and appear cold and distant. I’m simply expressing this realization. If you wish to offer advice, that would be appreciated.


I’ve suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts since elementary/middle school. (Currently going into college) Honestly the best thing that helped me was intense therapy- either every week or every two weeks. I tried to handle it on my own for a long time but I finally realized that what I had was a real issue and I accepted help. It changed my life so I’d try that.

Even if you can’t afford therapy, there are hotlines where you can go and vent and they can give you healthy methods on how to behave and cope.


Depression and negative thoughts have caused my life to fall apart

I would suggest listening to positive affirmations before falling asleep or right when you wake up. If you search YouTube you will find for both times of the day.


Try Afformations rather than Affirmations, lots on info online

Good grooming can actually be of great help on getting some good old’ confidence. To be able to look yourself in the mirror and smilling is a good step forward on eliminating depression.

Caring for your body has a way on making subtle changes for your mindset. it gives feelings of acomblishment and worthyness. To be able to stand forth and show how clean your skin is always gives good compliments, escpailly from girls. my face tends to be violated by girl hands because my face is smooth, but yet masculine. That’s an awesome feeling.


I think I can relate to the women you mention, in the couple of situations Ive been in Ive felt the guy to not be very grounded almost flighty jittery energy. And Ive especially noticed when Im nervous the people Im interacting with behave odd in response even though on the surface Im acting mostly normal. That could be a possibility maybe?

Same thing has been happening to me too

I appreciate the feed back, but this in response to Beach Bionic. Like I said, I’m not too bad to look at, but attractiveness is about how you behave, not how you look. I pin point my depression as the source of my bad luck. I take responsibility for it, and not only do I strive to get out of it, I also am involved with my own hobbies (nerdy shit like magic the gathering and dnd), I have my own projects (my story and my game), I study subjects of interest (games, mythology, occult), and I have my own ideals to strive for. I have a job, but its not glamorous. I have a car, but it’s not fancy. I go out occasionally but I get anxious where ever I go. I socialize, but I find it hard to form a connection. I consider myself a person of substance, and I seek a partner(s) who is (are) equal to me in these realms of being.


So long as you recognize these guys aren’t trying to give you shit.

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I do therapy every week. I feel what I need is to get out, gain experience, and enjoy myself.

I would recommend changing your diet or having days where you can go out for walks. Some vitamin deficiencies can contribute to depression, especially vitamin D. Changing some things about your lifestyle or switching up hobbies every now and then can also help make life more interesting.

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