My demonic familiar shares a chant for every riuτual

He says that he awaken all magick inside and around you, it feels universal, I feel the galaxies in this chant it feels awesome yl

O’sama kal man’aya eher’man’aya
I call the voice of magick
Heka guide me through
Heka guide me through
Let the infernal empire rise
Let the kindgom if God fall
Darkness be within
Light be within
Heka carry me through the gates
Let the gates of darkness be open
Let the light shine
I call upon the power of magick
Heka guide me through
I call the universe it self to guide me
Heka guide me
Shiva, Satan, the all
Be one with me
All voice of magick hear me


Shall try this too :sun_with_face: