My demon, and my phone possession lol

It all started (is what I think) by having uploaded a picture of a girl making a kind of cosplay of a cute demon to my state of WhatsApp, as well as to communicate with him I put “is very cute as your female version” . I configured it so no one of my friends saw it, and well I’m just playing like “maybe he can see it”.

I went to the kitchen, set the table for breakfast while I was waiting for my mom who was buying bread. I sat down and started checking my cell phone, suddenly in an app he started moving up and down, I closed it and opened WhatsApp and I published another state
“Why are you playing? paranormal activity on my cell phone hahaha”
I wrote that and at one point he placed to write and put the same sentence but with everything messy, something like this:
“Why are you playing? Hahaha activity cellphone on my paranormal”.
Then he started opening and closing a friend’s profile picture like five times, I couldn’t control the cell phone very well.
After this he activated the option of “SOS” (which is when an emergency occurs), the message reached my two best friends and my partner, they worried.
I had to turn off my cell phone, it really got a little harder.
will there be some way I could talk through my cell phone with him? it would make it easier for me I think…
I’m not scared, but I don’t know why he did this, lol.

So I’m literally no help but I’d just like to say I loved his paranormal response. I’d love for my Brunhild to be able to use my phone so she could have a social life. How exactly did he get into the phone from a pic? Was it just because you thought of him when you wrote the text? And I hope you figure out how to continue interacting with him through your phone.

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