My Dedication to My Path. A meeting with Melek Taus

It is just after Midnight, August 11th. I have decided to formally dedicate myself to the Feri current, and the pursuit of blending it with Luciferian Demonolatry to form my own tradition. This includes rewiring the Feri mythos.

I used a version of Storm Faerywolf’s self initiation ritual. But where Storm calls for a red and blue candle to represent the Red Serpent and the Blue Dove, Leviathan spoke to me days before asserting his place in the new myth. So now the blue candle represents Leviathan, and the red a being who I have dubbed The Great Phoenix. With this change I am seeing to merge the Blue Fire of the Feri with the Luciferian Black Flame.

I set up my altar and sat inside of a Universal Circle. I performed a “3 Souls Alignment” and “Breathing the Blue Fire”, which are basic Feri practices. After I was filled with the Feri Fire I called on my inner Black Flame. This is where the visions started as I fell into trance.

My vision was awash in a cloud of what I can only call neon violet. The Black and Blue Fire danced inside me as it engulfed me. My body was the blue fire and the black flame pumped through my veins. For that moment I knew in my mind, body, and soul that I AM GOD.

And in that brief moment of eternity a Peacock appeared. It’s feathers shining and beautiful. It let out a high shrill crow as it’s tail fanned out, with eyes adorning every feather. In a burst a blue fire the Peacock became Melek Taus. Naked and androgenous as the Baphomet, blue skinned and peacock feathers in his hair as he played a silver flute. He was beautiful.

As he played the flute the music itself became fire. That fire joined my own and filled me even more, my own power swelling exponentially until I could no longer take it. I can only describe what happened then as a full body spiritual orgasm. I was an infinite singularity.

It was then that Melek Taus stopped playing his flute. He walked so gracefully around me before stopping behind me and putting his hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear.

“Keep going Banjax Doolali. The Feri of this realm, the Demons of the Abyss, all the world and Hell itself is at your command. NOW SEIZE IT!”

I came back nearly in tears. Sethana said I haven’t had a look of shock on my face like that since since I burned half my face in a forge accident. It was the most amazing spiritual experience I have had to date, and I know beyond any shadow of doubt that the work I am doing right now is exactly what I need to do.


I have that same book, the exercises in them are really great.

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Absolutely beautiful.

I’ve had a similar experiences with Melek Taus, I did another ritual as directed by him, following are some excerpts from my journal:

Understood that Satan is in fact Melek Taus, then did a ritual on him in which a lot of crazy stuff happened, from feelings of imense power, intense trust in Melek Taus, doing all kinds of moves with the Kundalini energy, most of which either represented power or a peacock.

Next days I could feel imense power in my solar plexus chakra, I could feel energies coming from above and going straight there with orgasm, and generally it contracted and slightly hurt from how much power was there. I also felt that it was easier to approach women, my discipline was amazing doing things without even thinking and was sexually aroused all the time. I also had a few more experiences of power in which I shaked uncontrollably as the power went through my whole being. I was also told that seeing yellow with my eyes closed meant I was on the right path and saw some peacock feathers randomly through the day."

Had a dream in which I was literally God, deciding people’s lives and having power over reality and also in the form of being affluent man with a huge business, during this dream I also saw a lot of peacock wallpapers on a phone.

Was on the beach at 3 am and decided to do a quick chant to Melek Taus, I felt de imense power of the sea, it resided both in the sea and myself, it was indescribable and seemed to have no end. There was also Kundalini activation with me opening my arms and taking in the whole power of the sea, the experience ended with a great sense of calm.

Multiple times I’ve had these thoughts in my head, that “The whole universe is working for me right now” and that everything I might need is going to come through this working.

Then started doing uncontrollable arm gestures in the air, this time hitting both fists together in power, as I was doing this the energy amplified and I heard “The Demons of hell are waiting for you to return home” I could see an army of Demons chanting for me, they raised their fists in unison as I was hitting mine togheter.

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