My death wish, life destroyed by black magick, no friends

Don’t worry; I would never actually kill myself. I don’t think it’s even possible for me to do so.

Often, I wish I was just dead. I didn’t feel like this when I had friends. I was happy, but my life was ruined by psychic attacks. I’ve rebuilt my life, but sometimes even when happy and content I still feel like I want to die. I think that if I had friends, I wouldn’t feel this way, but for some reason I don’t want friends.

Earlier today, I was thinking that I would kill the person who did this to me if I knew who it was. They’ve defrauded the social security administration via me being on disability benefits because they cause me to hear fake voices. They also defrauded people from food, like food drives, because I would be able to work if I didn’t have to hear fake voices. I was a straight A college student before being psychically attacked.

Anyway, I wouldn’t actually harm whoever did this to me, because I may have been worse off if it never happened. Also, I learned that the occult is real. Sometimes, I really hate the occult for having caused such terrible things in my life. I used to go to church for protection and would hear a voice saying “FUCK THE FUCKING OCCULT”.

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Sounds like you’ve been through the ringer mate. I’m glad to hear you have no desire to harm yourself; there is so much scope for living and improvement while living.

You seem to have the belief that the occult has caused terrible things; have you considered that it can do great things for you as well? Since you know it works, you can use it to your advantage. Channel that energy into self-improvement. In the meanwhile, if you are having a hard time coping, there is no replacement for professional help; having a neutral person to listen and guide you through pain or trauma is invaluable. These two things combined can guide your ascent into a more stable place from where you can rebuild.


Do you have any remote clue who did it, it sounds like whoever it was wanted this to be up close and personal…

The Occult is a knife. It can be used as a weapon or a tool depending on who’s welding it. When I saw your post, I for some reason got the vibe that you may have bad astrology. Especially Vedic. I recommend Seth Tha Warlocks channel on YouTube. He has good fixes.


I’d suggest talking to a lawyer and seeing what you can do about the SS fraud. This is a serious matter and whoever is doing this fraud will face jail time. So ask a lawyer what he or she thinks you should do.

Also, relax, things aren’t so bad. Lots of people are feeling a bad energy right now, so just know that you aren’t alone.

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I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently, how some people seem to have a problem with boundaries and end up getting too close to people with both parties in the relationship end up getting hurt, while in other cases a person pushes everyone away and somehow avoids closeness and intimacy with people even though they really crave it. I’m not sure that putting those two types of people together is really beneficial anymore at this point, I’m concerned that it ends up being more polarizing for both sides.

  1. Do you know how to defend yourself against these attacks? 2) Give less attention to them, if you constantly think about this stuff it will affect you the most, there’s a reason why the most religious Christians claim to being attacked by demons and having to be exorcised while atheists don’t.

My advice for you is to just find good and trust worthy friends. It won’t happen overnight, but I believe that if you are trustworthy trustworthy people will be attracted to you.

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This information is accurate unless the attacks were as bad as mine. Mine were so bad that the entities were controlling my own emotions and using them against me, e.g., they would make me fearful and such. Now, I am much stronger and can control my own emotions.

Are you saying the person that attacked you caused you to hear fake voices and as a result, caused you to go on Social Security?

I’m not a lawyer or a licensed professional, so this isn’t advice, but I’ll say that I know what it feels like. I’m on VA disability and SSDI for PTSD & other physical issues, and I struggle everyday with not being able to work. I want to work, but honestly can’t.

If you feel you’re able to work, perhaps you should try the ticket to work program, or get a job where you earn less than their monthly requirement so you won’t lose your benefits if you start having issues again.

As far as whoever is attacking you, arm yourself with protection, cleanse, banish & live your life. You can and will live a wonderful life…

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Me too. There are a lot of problems with ssdi. Mine pays very low. Also, something random can come along and you can be put off of it. It can be something as stupid as not getting your mail b/c it was lost or something. Also, the disability determiners are extremely strict or that’s the way it’s made out to be if you research stuff on the SSA’s website.

Now that I am much better, I feel like I can work, but I sort of got screwed on other issues. For example, I was a straight A student and lost my scholarship. My disability payments are so low b/c I only worked low wage jobs.