My daughter inherited my night terrors

So. I’ve had night terrors/sleep paralysis my whole life. I’m 38. Normal guy. Normal job. Good dad. I’ve dealt with entities holding my face down and growling, horrific dreams, awareness of presences that has me terrified to my core. My mother was a psychotic, hoarder, pill head, manic Evangelical Christian convinced that demons were on the verge of consuming our souls. It was a miserable upbringing, and the dreams that I thought were a symptom of that experience continued. They have been sparse the past few years, but that feeling of a presence being around still nags at the corner of my mind from time to time.

Last few months my 7 year old daughter has been telling me about similiar experiences while sleeping or in bed. On a side note, Our household is fun. We go to jiu jitsu/boxing 5 days a week and watch movies together, jam The Rolling Stones, read books, and wrestle our dogs and go to seaworld and legitimately have a badass time all the time. She’s my best bud and has a better life than I could have dreamed of.

I have a couple theories:
-this is a generational entity that has now skipped to it’s third host (maybe more). This would make sense in relation to my mother’s obsession with evil forces
-i genetically imprinted this into my daughter, like how mice imprint behaviors on their young. But thought and perception is reality, so a thought form is as “real” as an entity.

That said, I need ideas. My one idea to combat a parasite like this (in the case of a true malevolent entity) is to have my daughter summon a destroyer of sorts.

If is this is merely a perceived thought form, then I believe this will help in the same way, giving her inner strength. Maybe have her draw the “demon monkey”(her description) and then have her draw what the destroyer looks like so she can see someone who is actually more powerful than her fear.

My main concern is that this is a parasitic generational entity, which is why I’m reaching out here.


You might be Mediums. Mediums are normally borned that way and this attracts spirits cause they Manifest themselves better. Look for the nearest kardec association in your area. The mediums there can help you a lot. Or buy The spirits Book, by Allan Kardec… the presence of the book has a powerful influence on those spirits

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