My daily reading

Any you care to add?

Tarot of Ceremonial Magic, DuQuette
How to Develop Clairvoyance, Butler
Ninja Vol. 2 Warrior Ways of Enlightenment, Hayes
Astrological Aspects The Art, Thibodeau
Making Talismans, Farrell
Qabalah Qlippoth and Goetic Magic, Karlsson
Essential Golden Dawn, Cicero
Enochian Magic in Theory, Wilson
The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Tyson
Shem Grimoire, Farrell
Self Initiation into GD, Cicero
Modern Magick, Kraig
Golden Dawn, Regardie
Book of Ceremonial and Black Magic, Waite
OAA Lessons

A lot more books I constantly reread, but I break it up as this -
One year to Adept - Cicero, Regardie, Kraig, OAA

Evocation - Regardie, OAA, Karlsson, Kraig, Waite

Talismans - Kraig, Waite, Karlsson, Farrell

Astrology, Geomancy - Tyson, Thibideau, Cicero

Angelic - Wilson, Regardie, Cicero, OAA

Tarot - DuQuette, Cicero

Qabalah, Qlippoth - Karlsson, Cicero, OAA

Clairvoyance - Butler, Cicero, Hayes, Kraig, OAA


My reading teacher should take some lessons from the amount you read!


The Hayes Ninja books are interesting as they have esoteric chapters as well, mudra’s, grids, energy balls, sensing, etc.

I have in preparation for my move separated JCI resources, except for a couple books, the rest will probably be donated to a library.
Except for resource books, most of my non GD RHP books will probably go donated as well.
The rest will be filtered and some donated to free libraries And public libraries.