My current task list

  1. Retro Fwb thread/create general talismans/seals for most request types.
    Currently on pause.

  2. Goetia work through. Currently on pause.

  3. Psychic basic exercises, advice, tutorial studies, warding, shielding, grounding, energy sensing, tarot reading (soon other divination like geomancy, black coffee scrying, IChing, cloud/bird patterns, astrology, etc) - ongoing study.

  4. Shadow work/Lilith work and journalling - ongoing.

5 Fears source identification and work on removing fears - ongoing.

6 Offering readings - Working through list tonight as number one priority.

  1. Lost and Found group working - Need careful thought and planning - number two priority.

  2. Fuegos journal - ongoing.


Added a post on Daily Archangel Prayers. Working on Angel evocations for those on RHP/MHP.

New improvement on killing parasites and Wards/Shielding/Grounding (still suck on shielding).

Visualize fire.
Visualize your astral/etheric self as a human torch, including fire beneath you.
Try to hold for two to five minutes.
Visualize a wall of fire around you in the shape of a square.
Visualize a ring or circle of fire around you.

That was to try to kill parasites.

Warding, shielding and grounding…
Visualize the color yellow.
Visualize the color pink.
Visualize silver.
Visualize the standard yellow pencil.
Visualize an egg.
Visualize the whiteness of the egg.
Visualize yourself in the egg with a circle of fire twice your size around it.
Visualize that the egg is partially lodged in the ground.
Visualize the whiteness of the egg with a circle or bubble of brilliant white light, while out of your feet grow roots stretching deep down in the earth a little past trees.
Imagine a mirror around the white.
Visualize all four (square wall double height if fire around your mirror circle around the white light around the egg and feet growing roots deep in the earth.

This is what I work on to reach fifteen minutes of visualization.