My Creative Journal

hey, i’ve been in magick for a while now, but i never have registered what i’m doing and i want to start.
i work with lucifer and king paimon, waiting to know better other spirits personally
need to improve my skills in soul travel, evocation and divination
well, lets begin


i’m uncertain of what spirit i should look for now, i think sometimes about azazel and lilith but i don’t have any idea if i’m ready for them
but i think its time to make a new pass
just don’t know what yet

so i did a evocation of astaroth these days and yesterday i did a evocation of azazel
both want to work with me so thats good
this was my talk with azazel?
me: do you want to start working with me?
Azazel: yes, i want.
me: what you can offer to me and what i can offer to you?
Azazel: you can offer me your ass to be honest and i can offer you concentration, power, determination, firm will and develop your astral senses
me: how do you want to start?
Azazel: fucking you tonight?

so the rest of the talk was a little dirty, what i can say is that i woke up very tired and sore and i don’t remenber a thing

i talked to lucifer right now and we talked about anxiety on magick, he said i have a lot of anxiety about a certain spell and i called a lot of powerful demons to help me, but they’ll do what i want when i truly release my tension, my will, they’re just waiting :thinking:
i did a lot of spells in the same subject bc of my anxiety
its time to stop it
so tonight, i swear i’m doing the last spell on this and this is going to be the check-mate, my magnum opus
i have lucifer, belial, sallos, dantalion, sitri, rosier and astaroth on my side in this purpose
nothing is going to stop me from what i desire
even me

oh i did a pact with lucifer this week, 3 months or more if we agree
it was a good contract, i’m happy for this

i prayed to lucifer sunday asking for a specific book til the end of the week and 2 hours later i was reading a free copy of it. hail lucifer! (PS: i already looked for a free copy in all the internet before getting in touch with him)

i’m going to evoke LUGGALDIMMERANKIA to help me with the resolution of some irritating problems that i am finding difficult to deal with

hope he likes me

Did you find the free copy on the internet? How did it come to you?

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i found a copy in the internet when i got home

So basically you searched for it and couldn’t find it then after lucifer you found it?

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the evocation of LUGGALDIMERANKIA was ok, i don’t know if i already have the results
today i called sallos to make someone call me today and he accepted my request, after this i called seere to make the person calls me in 1 hour, he accepted too
what i petitioned didn’t happened with seere

i called king paimon to find someone who was missing and half an hour later the person was found
i’m having some experiences with lilith recently, i’m going to talk about it here someday

I called Dantalion, very interesting energy
He teached me things that if I feel ok to share in here later I’m doing this
I had sucess this week with a money spell (YEAH) and with telephathy
I’m seeing finally that I should practice more than just read more and more without having real experiences
I’m also seeing that magick is often about opportunities, if you don’t know how to take a candy when its offered to you, you’ll never eat it. And yes, Lucifer, I know that I was a dumbass in the past thanks for the patience with this dumbass magus here.

I think that my next question is: Who’s Satan?

I had a lucid dream last night after waking 2 a.m. and drinking a glass of water, I was flying around somewhere that looked like my grandma’s house, the sky was vanilla.
I also dreamed that I was in a dirty house with this old alien lady who was threating me and I was trying to interrogate her, she said I was a spiritual gangster (ha) or something like this. She sadly said “Oh, if I could keep my Ursinho Poe” and I said “Oh, you can…” but then she tried to kill me and I needed to kill her first.
After all this, I was getting out of my physical body, but I returned very fast.