My Communion With Lucifer

The communion between me and Lucifer

Working with Lucifer.

Me : Lucifer introduce Yourself ?

Lucifer : I am that which you can never understand, I am that which is eternal, I am a paradox of in unlimited possibility, I have been called devil, I have been called angel, I have been called creature, god and warrior even alien among the stars, I am both all of these and none.

I am King in many worlds, I am emperor in many empires I am royalty as you are here in your legion and empire.

Me : Explain to me your empire ?

Lucifer : My empires are many I have legions which scream my name, I am that which governs and that which teaches, my empire is the stars, the heavens, the infernal planes, even beyond that.

Hell is that which I rule with a iron fist, the heavens are the cosmos from which I got given my name " morning star ".

In short my empire is indescribable for the words of man do not come close to it.

Me : Lucifer what is the greatest source of power ?

Lucifer : YOU, the self is all, in your three dimensional state you have access to energies which we would do anything for, to be in the flesh Is to be a god.

The self is the inner spectrum of the outter infinite world, when you call me you call me from not only out but within.

For you are the Heavens, the hells, the Netherworld, for these are caverns and tunnels within your psyche just because we are within however we are not the figment of your mind oh no we are always eternal we existed before you.

Me : Lucifer where do you reside ?

Lucifer : i reside in shades of everywhere, for my throne is upon the galaxies of men, my throne is within the tree that you call the Qlipphoth, My throne is within the chasims of hell where all flows, my thrones are in places you not even know of.

Me : Lucifer can you give me a prayer to call you ?.

Lucifer : " Lucifer Lord of Darkness
And Light, being of power and wisdom
Concealed with might, come to me upon my words as if they are the steps into my space come lucifer show me thy face "

Me : What is your relationship with Lucifuge Rofacle ?.

Lucifer : He is ( haha ) He is something which is indescribable, he is my son, my brother, and partly myself unlike that so called Satan figure, ( haha ) that always gets me going, But Lucifuge is my shadow that makes him essentially a part of me, but he is also himself.

Me : What is your relationship with Azazel ?.

Lucifer : He is the one of the ones which do not bow nor take Allegiance to me, but he still is apart of my Circle, me and Azazel have been called lovers, even enemies in some cultures but in actuality, he is the infernal embodiment, for that I pay him the utmost respect as he pays me

Me : Lucifer what revelations do you have to give to me ?.

Lucifer : I must tell you that you need to believe in yourself, for those who i’ve taught, cannot differentiate between my words and imagination, they are so naive to think that they are both different, the imaginative state is the catalyst for which all acts of magick is accessible, for you cannot even see things before you without your mind filling in the blanks with imagination yet to you it’s still reality.

I must also tell you that you right now are speaking to one of your god forms, ( haha ), for we are one but we are separate.

Burn in light, recover and rebuild in darkness, be consumed and possessed by shadows and be ascended in light-filled bliss, for balance is power, evil and dark is nothing, good and light is nothing, but when they intertwine they are everything seek to become everything.


Yay!! Fits with my perception/concept, nice! :smiley:


Haha exactly my thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::fist:️.


I was just listening to a song that references him. It’s literally about him.


This is wonderful!

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Congratulations on your encounter!

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Hail Lucifer.

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So then who is Satan?


Hail Lucifer!


Some people say Satan is a different side of the coin to Lucifer.


I’d say Set is satan.


Set is Lucifer.
Set, Typhon, Lucifer

There is a reason Set helped Ra. But I cannot at this time disclose this information.


Hey there Lucifer! I do understand you quite well -Aren’t you that which i can never understand?, However, keep in mind that this concept goes both ways.

In a relative sense.

Hmmm… Forgive me if i come off like a dizzy insect trapped in the abode of bees.:slight_smile:

I don’t mean to judge but your “communion” with Lucifer is not enlightening or pregnant with any other substantial seed of wisdom and growth for advancement - apart from the ones already on google.

Perhaps you asked other questions…


sigh Do you now…? Care to enlighten us if you understand so well? I’d personally be very interested to hear of this knowledge. (Sorry to all if I seem condescending, and to Eva, remove this if you see fit.)


Haha I know right, he understands the complexity of being eons old, with a past that goes further back than our civilisations.



Who said I was seeking enlightenment this was a general communication between a deity and a magician not a ritual to attain wisdom.

Plus I doubt you can fully understand the origins of lucifer we in the occult have come far, like Ea Koetting, Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack.

They have gone really far back and have done a brilliant job but yet his origin is still a mystery.


keep pushing back you will find what you seek.


I think as science and philosophy advances so too will our understandings of these beings.


I agree bro.


oh your replying to John Doe…

cuz I was like no Im a sis! :joy: