My Christmas Summoning

I had to improvise on my ritual, as my little ones were still awake and Christian husband would not have liked me doing all out ritual on Christmas Eve with two children looking on. I modified it by disguising it as a meditation with one red candle, the Santa Claus sigil, my magical diary, and pen.

Sitting cross legged on the floor, I lit the candle and cast the circle around myself, moving the one red candle about myself while intoning the names of the reindeer in my mind. I activated the sigil and was immediately engulfed with a feeling of love and gratitude they caused me to tear up. Is prompted to pick up my dairy and channeled a message from The Sinterklass. After communing for a few minutes, I was knocked out of sync by a loud knock on the door.

Stuffing down feeling highly annoyed, I answered the door to be met by my neighbor, who was bearing a Christmas gift!!

I was unable to get back into the sync after my half hour, so I closed the ritual in the opposite way I opened it, just put of politeness.

Then, while waiting for midnight, to make sure that the before mentioned children were asleep, at 11:56 pm, the Corinthian bells that hang in our yard began to chime. They continued to ring until 12:01 am.

All in all, a VERY successful evocation


Very nice. I enjoyed reading this

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