My chess game with Lucifuge

For backround, this was about 7 months ago, when i was quite powerful. My family found out about my occult practices and got me locked up because of it. So here i am, in a hospital, with jack shit to do. I think let me do something productive and i pulled out a chess board. I called lucifuge to see if he was interested in playing. He was. At this point i was an amateur in chess played on and off for maybe a couple months. We played many games, each game my brain seemed to find more and more complex strategies in matters of seconds.After our most intense match i look to my left and there’s a small piece of paper, with the initials LR. Really dope shit! So here i am, about 4 days into the Lucifuges chess teachings and i see this nurse, and hes talked about having 40 years of experience, studying the game none stop for many of those years. So I play him. First game: It takes 90 seconds to make his moves, i have my moves ready in seconds. He loses. We played about 6 more games in total i beat him in 5. I wish i retained the intellect and power i once had. But the anti psychotics had me lose it all.


I invited Santa Muerte to play snakes and ladders with me during the holidays. We played a few rounds,( she won most of the time) I don’t know how much she actually influenced the dice on her turn,( if at all ) but I think some spirits like it when we ask them to join us in mundane human activities

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