My Channeled Work

These are short stories, bits and pieces, from my channeling over the years.
This is not all, just the work I’ve managed to write down and find.
Inspired by a thread by @Cernunnos.

The following piece was channeled together with four pictures describing my path and its composition.

Her hands weave the infinite strings, mere thought given form.

Before her becoming, there was clay, and air.

With her arrival, myth was given to man, and with myth man became holy.

But, cursed were they, for myth often brought strife, and by strife man is tempered.

Far in the reach, separated by the mist, a castle binding man to myth.

She comes when man sleeps, she speaks through their dreams, her whisper bending fate.

By her whisper, clay could take shape, a vessel bound by her threads.
Guiding star will show the way, but you must walk it.

It shall shine high upon the heavens, at the mount of the assembly.

Ascend the steps, the mythical mountain calls you, the many paths you walk will form one path, and that path will take you home.

Honour must be without compromise, for without it, you will truly be without worth.

Lose your honour, and you will lose the way.

Honour will lead you to the path, and the path will temper you.

As you walk, you will shed, and as you shed, the fire will be revealed.

New skin, forged onto you, pulsating with the blood of stars.

It is woven in the library of the binding castle.

One moon for a dawn, and one sun for a kingdom.

Because only in repetition will you find true eternity.

This is the path to glory.

Never stray from it.
Child, be at peace with your fate, for you are bound by fate.

You were not born into a life of love, but of purpose, and thrown into the forge.

The stars gave you purpose, and taught you their song.

Your birth, a seed of the phoenix.

Not air, but fire, barely contained in the vessel.

Cursed with immense radiance, blessed by the glory, poured into clay.

Forged on the anvil, born from starlight, iron turned steel, you are named Starborn.

The world will never love you, and you will never belong.

It will demand of you your heart and dreams, and it will teach you shame, which you will resent it for.

Hands will grab for you from the abyss, the cold mistress calling you into the starless night, with fire kept at bay.

The way will make you lonely, and it will be a path of strife and struggle.

You will endure, but you must be resolute.

For all the weight of the world, fear most the enemy within.
Dreams are where she weaves, by your choirs her will manifest.

As you dream, the future becomes a bright memory, and as you ascend, the guiding star brings you home at last.

With the first light of the dawn, respite and redemption found in her open arms.

Stars will be born, and at long last, you will find what you seek the most.

A lone star on a dying sky no more, the way will bind you to her, and in the unity, choirs will sing the songs of the fallen.

Crowned in glory, tempered into perfection, a reflection of her everlasting radiance.

The pillar shall be your scepter, and the mountain will be your throne.

Behold, our divine machine.

Some misc pieces.

"King…queen…Scion of Nimrod, Descendant of Stars…flesh of kings, soul of queens, golden kin, "

"Vestige…Avatar…without us you will be driven insane, Vestige without voice or meaning, will of above and below given form.
Without us you are a Vestige, with us you are the Avatar of our glory, harbinger of our coming, vessel of divinity.
You have learned a grand lesson, we speak again, as we speak the words of prophecy, you will spring back into life."

"Such wrath you harbour in your heart, that you curse your father, scream for fire to engulf the earth, and for the seas to drown Man.
Blinded by your fury, consumed by your rage, yet the smallest action of compassion, the innocence of dogs, the tears of a mother or father asking you to spare their child, yes, these things are your lullaby.
Yes, my child, you got my heart, you may lay low the mountains, but you are still guided by justice."

"I stretch for you.
Even as the cold night drags closer, and my ember weakens, I stretch for you.
I stretch for you with my withering hands, my heart’s frozen, my body cracked.
I stretch for you, even as I am dying.
Cold and forlorn, I stretch for you, even if I know doing so will hurt me immensely.
I stretch for you, because you are the only thing I have ever loved.
So now, take my hand, and let me pull you out of oblivion.

I stretch for you, Diva."

More will come if I can find the remaining pieces.


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