My Celtic Adventure ... was ... Celtic sigils for evocation

They’re all good books. Love the synchronicity!

From Magic of the Celtic Otherworld (primarily Ireland), contacts not recommended:
Badhbh (BOVE) - “Raven”
Balor/Bolor/Bolur - (BAHL-OR) - “The Flashing One” - Fomhoire
Breas/Bres - (BRASS) - “Beautiful” - Fomhoire
Cridhinbheal/Cridenbel - (KREE-HIN-VAHL) - “Heart in Mouth” - Fomhoire
EadaOin/Etain - (AID-EEN) - Sidhe and Goddess of Poetry and Inspiration
Fir Bolg - (FIR BULL-UG) - “Men of the Spears” - “Men of the Bogs” - A warlike race not fond of humans, that fled to Scotland.
Fomhoire/Fomor/Fomoire - (FOH VOY-RA) - “Underworld Phantoms”
Lir - (LEER) - “The Sea” - Okay, but intense water experience
Macha - (MAHK-UH) - “A Pasture”
Midhir/Midir/Midyir - (MEE-DJEER) - “Judge”
Mor-Rioghan/Morrigan/Morrigu - (MORE-REE-EN) - “Phantom Queen”, “Great Queen”

Sidhe are fairy folk, and can be difficult, hence the recommendation of the queen of the Sidhe.
Fomoire are the dead, and usually bad kings.

Contacts encouraged:
Tuatha de Denann (Children of Dana)
Aonghus/Oengus/Angus/Angus Mac Og - (AH-NISH) - “True Vigour”
Boinn/Boyne - (BOYIN) - “Illunminated Cow” - River Goddess and mother of the gods and goddesses with Dagda as it were.
Brighid/Brigid/Bridget - (BREE-YIT) - “The Exalted One”
Credne Cerd - (KREETHNE KART) - “Worker of Tin”
Daghdha/Dagda/Dagdae - (DAY-A) - “the Good God”
Danu/Dana/Danau/Danann/Anu - (DON-OO) - “Wealth”
Dian Ceacht (GEE-UN KEHKT) - “He Who Travels Swiftly” - God of healing/prosthetic hands and arms of silver
Eochaidh/Eochu - (YO-KHI) - “Horse” - God of horses
Fliodhais/Flidais - (FLEE-ISH) - “Liquid”, “Milk” - Goddess much like Cernunnos, deer cattle and sexual fulfillment goddess.
Goibhniu/Goban/Gobniu - (GWIV-NEW) - “Smith”
Lir - (LEER) - “The Sea” - Be prepared for watery emotional experience.
Lugh/Lug - (LOO) “Light”, “An Oath”.
Manannon - (MAN-AN-AWN) - “He of Mana” (Isle of Man), “Trickster”
Midhir/Midir/Midyir - (MEE-DJEER) - “Judge”, “Lord of Illusion and the Otherworld”. Be careful.
Nuadhu/Nuadu/Nuada Nuadhu of the Silver Arm", “Catcher”. Bore a sword cultivated by a mage for the battle.
Oghma/Ogma/Ogham - (OAM-UH) - God of writing and the Ogham script. “Oghma Sun Poet”, Oghma Sun-Faced".
Samildanach - (SOW-EEL-DAHNA) - “Master of All Crafts At Once”. Aspect of Lugh.

There are also the four directions, which can be called and contacted.
Then there is wells and rivers, plants and trees, and animals. All are or were worshipped.

The three books Ive recently been gifted with will stay on my shelf, or bed as it were, and get use of the exercises, visualizations, meditations, and rituals.

Okay. Time to delve into them, and take some hardcore studying and notes from the sacred texts collection, and see the similarities in all my resources and that would seem to be the foundation for this adventure.
Plus advice from others including @Mulberry … had a thought that I should be less emotional and more respectful of advice and criticism given.

And, my reading selection for this evening is Wild Magic: Celtic Folk Traditions for the Solitary Practitioner by Danu Forest. Least number of pages.
Also, the directions are worshipped in the Keltic tradition.
It is very nature oriented past the warring, there is a lot of magic here.
We have the Fomnoire which were poor kings that are now phantoms, we have Tuatha De Danann, and a few others mentioned that are more RHP oriented.
The old Canticle of Creation prayer by Fransis of Assissi was Celt based if I recall correctly.

Still working thoughtfully through Wild Magic, but browsing Sacred texts as well.

Wild Magic (Danu Forest)
The first chapter centers mainly on the overview, Celtic cosmology, and faery folk and other spirits.
And two exercises:
Seeking A Faery Friend
Calling In The Fetch
These shall be interesting. Wondering if per @Mulberry, to make sure its done outside.

In a way, this reminds me of @Lady_Eva and Core Shamanism.

It would be ideal to do the Fae work outside, where the Fae are. I don’t know about the Fetch, that sounds like a borrow from Norse paganism, it’s probably fine to do it indoors since that’s a you thing. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s often called “celtic shamanism”.

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I am happy to report a successful grounding, bare feet on the ground.
No fae reported in my apartment complex, however. We do have a gnome statue in our apartment though.

The Fae are of the Earth, do you have any houseplants? Bringing nature indoors with the Earth and growing plants can attract Fae, and of course the plant itself is a type of Fae.

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I suppose my cat would love a catnip plant. Or kitty grass. Personally I want to grow herb and herbs.

Sidhe are guardians of the ancient dead it seems. Tylweth Teg, Gwragedd Anwyn. Bean Sidhe, faery woman. Aod Su, Sidhe, Sith. The Good People.

It seems many are feeling followed, and Samhain draws near. Mwah hah hah. No, I am just wondering if the Fae are out in numbers. I plan to do my exercises today still, mostly meditation and visualization though. Perhaps work on an astral temple for the fae?
Did like the bare feet sit against a tree grounding. Was very peaceful and healing. I did thank the tree before leaving.

So, lets meet our fae ally and spiritual guide, shall we? While pondering the songs and poetry of yesterday, we will learn faster with the fae as many lessons are contained within each one. Respect the fae and respect the land, and the animal, and all is well.

Second sight and telepathy, in order to converse with the Fae.

Looks like I need to buy wood pieces for runes as well.