My candle for my daily wishing well spell. I need advice

I do a daily wishing well spell for whatever I need or desire in my life. I am on my third candle and this one has been really focusing on the part of my life I am currently working on making strong. The two other candles burned evenly until they couldn’t anymore. I melted them down with their wishes (coins) and set the third candle on top as I did the last time I finished the spell. But this time the candle burned like the picture shows.

I never really worked with candles and wax other than lighting them as a part of a spells, but this candle is looking like a throne to me. Is there any meaning to it? The candle is from the same pack as the other two.

I would love others input. :smiley:


Good post :+1:t4:

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Thank you!

Im no expert by any means reading wax but if the candle doesn’t burn down either energy is lacking in the spell or a blockage is stoping the manifestation (Fire of a candle is the transmitter of our wish into the astral). But I also encourage people to think positive and think that your interpretation is right, too. I would perform a divination on your wish maybe you discover the blockage, or maybe you draw the empress and your interpretation is supported. Have a nice day!

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I actually get the empress a lot lately from other people’s pull for me. And what the spell and wish is for it makes a lot of sense.

Great than it sounds like a very positive sign, the high priestess might also be a good sign if you consider using your occult abilities to earn money :slight_smile:

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You know what’s funny, is I very rarely will do money Magick. I seem to like to do that the hard way :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

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The things u wish does they come true?

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Yes they do.

Hey Angelb1083, can u start a private chat. Because i also want to learn the wish spell

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Yea I can just give me a little. It’s a weird day today.