My brother's weird dream

My brother had weird dream… he said that it was night time in our bed room… he said that in his dream I was drawing a weird symbol on the wall in black color . Then I placed my head on the symbol and started saying some chant in weird language on it . Then all of the sudden … a dark void emerged … Then it started spreading to all other walls of the house turning everything to darkness ( the whole house ) . … Then out of the dark void ( portal ) … a dark demon’s hand reached forward. Then My brother in ran out of the house . That 's when my brother suddenly woke up scared . This dream happened on Friday. He is afraid , i think . He is telling me now… ( sunday )

Funny thing is that , I didn’t do any ritual on Friday as I was taking a break.

( I’m a beginner, by the way )

What do you think ? Guys ?

Any thoughts ?

Thanks guys…

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It can mean many things. It can be the actual work of a demon or simply something coming from his subconscious mind. Since no specific demon is mentioned or shown in the dream, I would just keep the dream recorded as an “interesting” experience. Tell your brother to fight the fear. It is the only way to evolve!

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Thanks , C.S

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Have you been talking to him about your occult workings?

If you seeded these ideas into his mind, this may be his fear coming through. I suggest you don’t talk to him about it and let him think you’re not working on it for a while for him to see nothing bad will happen and he’ll calm down.

If he doesn’t know anything about your workings, then he saw the truth. Cool that your magik is working, but then maybe don’t do workings in your shared bedroom, or cleanse better afterwards.

THere’s no piint fighting or ignoring fear by the way. Fear has a valid purpose: it’s a warning, and ignoring warnings is dumb. What you have to do it not let fear paralyse you, take the warning into account and proceed as you design.

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I usually do my rituals in my bedroom as I don’t have any other space and after everyone is asleep in secrecy . He knows about my works but sometimes I do talk about my work with him. You are right… I shouldn’t talk about it to him. It’s high time for a powerful cleansing…

Any suggestions… mind you in India l , people aren’t occult friendly . They think Everything outside their religion is satanic. Also they are arrogant and stubborn… I don’t get ingredients for complicated rituals.

Thank you @Maulbeere

On cleansing and how the energies in your temple (bedroom) behave and how you can control that:

I generate cleansing energy in my energy system (I don’t use the chakra system I use qigong, but it’s the same idea) and send it out into all the corners clearing them out. It’s quick and easy too.

Burning sandalwood, white sage, wormwood etc are all good clearing incenses that automatically clear minor spirits attracted by the activity. Simply bearing in mind this intention, that the incense has this function is enough.

People recommend the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram a lot (LBRP), it doesn’t need ingredients. I don’t use it: I don’t like it’s energy, I think it’s horribly pretentious, I’m also not going to give away my power by assuming I can’t do it, and call 4 angels for something so trivial. But it’s very popular so I guess it works.

Also, as someone reminded me this morning this chant by E A Koetting is very good at clearing everything from a space… repeat it as much as you like until you feel the space is clear.

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata,
Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempalm krez to felta,
Vaskalla regent met senturrus,
Tas sastruus estos melta
Kelta, Kelta, Kelta, Hine.


Thank you @Maulbeere

Good info there @Maulbeere, but ya got a few typos in EA’s exorcism.

The correct one is:


Your vision drawing symbols and than having a tear in the veil as the entire universe is opening up, have some spiritual significance as dream messages to include geometric patterns organize the entire universe, and their structures show how all is connected as an important part of the greater whole. The principles of ​sacred geometry say that the universe is always speaking through the shapes that your ritual requests have been heard and your will has ascended through the veil.

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@lawclerk… Really ? I didn’t know I would get this kind of affirmation or … I’m only a beginner. So I pretty much don’t know how to interpret dreams and all…

But , thanks you so much

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