My brother-in-law has to go

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I’ll try to keep this short. My brother-in-law is an abusive asshole both mentally and physically. I want this fucker to feel real pain far beyond worse than what he’s been inflicting on us. Where do I begin? My emotions are extremely mercurial. I can never stay one way long enough to manifest any of my intentions. Idk if that’s something I have to work on for this.

I want to hurt him (a lengthy hospital stay where he’s in chronic pain sounds divine), but death is not out of the question. The problem is we all live together in a small house. If I ask for help or try something on my own, I can’t let it affect me and my family. He works at night so I was thinking of asking an entity to “mess with” him most likely on his way to or from work when he is by himself in the car.

I think he might be protected by something or his ego is so extraordinarily big that he subconsciously repels negative happenings in his life because I find it odd that almost every single member from his side of the family suffers terribly from all sorts of life tragedies while he continues to joyfully wreak havoc.


REAL problem. There may be splash damage if you go for the kick right in.

But, what if you try to solve that first? You may try to first use magick to make him move and then working on taking him down. Also, that may speed things up a little bit, since the moving out bit may face way less resistance than any baneful work.


For a toxic person with a large ego, I always use a Black skull candle to control their mind. I have no idea which Demons you prefer to work with , but I suggest Lucifer to break this cycle.

The problem I find is that you make someone sick, you end up looking after them if they live with you, so getting rid of him would be a good idea before really going to work. Would your Sister report him to the Police for the violence? nobody should have a person like this living with them.


My sister and this guy have daughter who is about to turn 5. My sister constantly defends him no matter what and when we argue about it, she always says we’ll never see her kid again so my mother is extremely hesitant when it comes to us retaliating and suffers for the sake of “keeping the peace” and being able to see her granddaughter everyday.

I’ll look into Gabriel. I’ve had great success with Archangel Raphael and Michael. They are both very pleasant to talk to. I’ve asked Archangel Michael to protect us from the physical dangers living with this piece of trash brings. So far so good as we haven’t had an incident in awhile. But the mental is still a living hell.


Ask the spirit not to harm you or your family. Whenever I petition a spirit to curse, I specify that no others will be harmed. Keep in mind, I usually develop a friendship or friendliness with the entity so I think that helps. Also ask the spirit to absorb any backlash.

Storm Gods can destroy protections rather well.

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I have no idea if she’d really report him to be honest. It’s a constant cycle of him royally screwing up and she’ll run to his defense even over her own child. The last time he really acted out physically (like, full on beat down rather than a singular slap here and there), she insisted she was done. And yet here we still are. Another big incident might eventually open her eyes and spur her to action, but as much as I resent her, I don’t want her getting badly hurt to be the catalyst.

I’ve seen skull candles before. No idea they were so powerful, but I’m still quite new to all of this. How exactly would someones mind be controlled - is it planting certain thoughts into their head through dreams and whatnot?

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It seems she is in the cycle of co dependency and domestic abuse. They often cycle between intense protection of the abuser and placing them above all else in the bonding stage after abuse.

It might be better to get the hell out of there and inform child protection services, there is a young life there suffering and learning from these patterns in their formative years.

The skull curse involves a Demon of choice and a ritual to break a strong will and is complicated somewhat but works well if done right. Too long to write here but if you decide, I can give it to you

Hope this situation ends soon

i think instead of cursing to get sick or whatever try something different… get him out of your lives… i think on book of azazel by e a koetting there is a demon who removes the obstacles , and he is the obstacle to your freedom and happiness so remove him.