My Brief Explanation of my Exit Recently

To those of you who may either be concerned or perhaps wondering where i have gone, this is an explanation. When i got sick two weeks ago an unexoected happening occurred. Not only did i find a great friend in someone on this forum but found a common bond through a powerful entity. This Entity being Azazel. ( the person will know who they are :wink: ) This extended absence from the forum is partially bc of my recent workings with Azazel. Ever since i started working with him, i have distanced myself from here and save a few of those who know me personally. But i am doing better and not sick anymore. The distance from this forum is not due to anyone or anything but as a means to focus. I have found myself thrust into my studies and evocation. I have been checking back here and there and found some new topics that are interesting. However here is a glimpse of my next month. Azazel has instructed me to perform the Lake of Fire Ritual on October 30th the day of the Dark Moon. I am offering an invitation to any of my brothers and sisters in Pennsylvania that wish to also participate in this, to let me know if they are interested. If any are interested PM me, as i was driven to offer this not only on my own but Azazel also thought it would be a great idea. Ill be making preparations this month and contiuing my work with Azazel. I will say this, with all the demons i have summoned, the only other one to wow me as much as Lucifer has been Azazel. There is something about his presence that is astounding, and great. Those who have encountered him know what i mean.

This is excellent! :slight_smile:

Pro-tip, closer to the date, reply in this thread, in “Subject” above (where it says “Re: My Brief Explanation of my Exit Recently”) change that line to something like “Invitation to (however you want to describe it) on Sunday Oct 30th” - a bit of detail plus a weekday helps people fix it in their minds, and the new subject will show up on the forum main page.

Or, start a new thread a bit closer, if you want, most people need the date given and then reminders coming closer to the date, I used to organise events and stuff and know whereof I speak - you can never have too much detail, either, whether on the posts or keep a boilerplate reply with information you can copy & paste in reply to PMs, and top-and-tail with the personalised part of the reply. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m fussin’ and being an old hen - anyway awesome idea, and wishing you all the best with this!!

Haha no problem! Thanks Lady Eva for that Advice i may just pist another thread in a few weeks with some more specific info. Then put another out a week before also. I am so excited for this.

Cool, group workings are one of THE best uses for a forum IMO, and due to recent shenanigans, we’ll take care to keep your thread clean of anyone saying you can’t open Lakes of Fire in Pennsylvania, coz, Jeebus, or talking about their butt, or similar nonsense. :wink:

Group working threads are a “take it or leave it” kinda deal - not a tutorial, or a referendum for the mentally confused.

So, if you start another thread for that, no need to repeat it, just bump it by replying and editing the title - “7 Days To (Name of Working)” etc. :slight_smile:

I updated each title for the Monday Post and that meant it showed up in the forum main page, instead if looking like more meanderings on an old post, so it works.

My opinion exactly :slight_smile: haja plus Jeebus has no power here any more it would seem :wink: but ok ill definitely do that. And hmmm people actually commented that kind of crap on a magickal forum? Wow. I know the last month has been an infernal eye opener for me. Everything went zero to a hundred in less than thirty seconds. I had my doubts back when i started studying magick years ago but anymore nothing i see is impossible. It still astounds me how unreal it sounds but how real it actually is. :slight_smile: just when u think u have seen it all there is always sometbing out there that makes your jaw hit the floor, and honestly thats what i live for.

You know i definitely support and stand behind you on this. Im sure its going to be an amazing experience and you will gain alot from this. Keep up the hard work!

Thanks Arianna i appreciate that :slight_smile: im hoping some ithers will pop up who wantbto do this.

I got plans this year. I’m gonna take my girls to field of screams on Halloween.

I got plans this year. I’m gonna take my girls to field of screams on Halloween.[/quote]
That sounds fun!! :slight_smile:

Are you gonna do that “bending of will” trick of yours?

What do u do in the Lake of Fire ritual? Will Azazel be participating / observing?

Hell yea cj that shit is awesome from what i hear, if u get time let me know ill be posting more specifics here in a few weeks, and Paulden yea its also called the gatekeeper ritual and is detailed in the book of Azazel what happens is u make an elixir of manifestation then consecrate the ritual area, then u put the sigils of the gatekeepers in triangles of manifestation in the appropriate cardinal direction. Thrn u taje the sigils of the four archangels open then break them while saying, “before the lake of fire can be opened, the kingdom of God must fall” its an act of desecration and damnation that banishes their influence on the ritual. Then u open the sigils and summon the gatekeepers who open the lake of fire for you to fall into and die, then they pull you back out reborn as a new and refined spirit. I may have skipped a thing or two but that is the gist of it.

You skipped my question! Haha!!

Haha sorry Arianna and most likely i bend things to my liking daily anymore its really just a single intense thought :wink: but it gets me what i want and it is essential in most of my rituals i have found :slight_smile: but yup you got it