My books to the astral?

So I have a crap ton of books which are mainly on goetia work. Necromancy. Shadow people. Djinn. Plenty of ea’s books. S connollys books ect

Now I was wondering if this is possible and if so how could it be done. I’d assume it isn’t easy either. But in my astral temple I’d like to add sort of a library. And in that library I’d think it would be cool if I can duplicate all the books I have on the physical and put them in the astral. It would be a cool idea to be able to read them in the physical and also go into my astral temple and read them word for word in the astral. Like my astral body sitting down and holding the I guess you could say astral copy of the book. How would this be done?

I assume like I said to be able to sit astrally and see the words and pictures in the book almost perfectly enough to read it word for word would be extremely difficult.

Would I perhaps have to actually memorize my physical books? If that’s the case then it’s counterproductive because if I can memorize them why must I read them again. Not sure how this would be useful but who knows one day I could be sleeping somewhere else like in a hotel or go camping (I was a boy scout younger so I grew to love camping and bush crafting😄) and I can’t bring every book with me lol. But yeah I think you guys understand what I’m asking.


There are now magickal devices, produced by great houses of sorcery such as Apple and Samsung to name a few, that can aid you with this. These are like scrying glasses that can be carried in a small bag or held in the hand, and shine with light when activated.
These other worldly creations can channel a powerful magickal current known as Kindle that can house your grimoires.
But tell no one of this. If the muggles ever found out about these powerful tools of magick, it would be pitchfork and flaming torch time all over again.


Well I don’t always have access to my phone or computer thats why I’m asking if I can project to them.

Just introducing some humour there.

My thoughts are that it may be best then to memorise the parts that you expect you are most likely to need in these situations. I’ve done that with some of the pathworkings I feel the need to employ on the fly


Oh ok. Thanks!

According to some traditions, everything created first starts as an idea in the mental plane, then filters down into the astral, before finally manifesting into the material world. Therefore, astral copies of your books already exist. All you need to do is put them in your library.

However, your ability to read and comprehend them in astral form will be heavily dependant on your own individual abilities. Remember, the astral doesn’t function like the physical realm, so you won’t actually be reading anything, it will only appear to your mind as if you are.


Self hypnosis and lucid dreaming work on the energy body and aura corresponding to enhancing memory and recall of information. You don’t need a library in an astral temple if you instead memorize the books and retain it in a mental archive. Books serve as a primitive means to record and convey knowledge but the most advanced means are purely a mental science so if you can record and memorize the books then you have now moved beyond the need for keeping physical books. Be better at that point to find a way to get free access to the book so you can record it mentally and not need to buy anymore unless you do so for the joy of the collection or to pass on. Given the distortion of time in the astral if you recreated them astrally you would basically just be memorizing them anyways. You can always remember them in the form of mentally reading the book page by page or instant recall of the information you need.

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Sometimes when I read books in the astral realm, I enjoy it because it is so much faster read and mastered and learned. For example, I learned in one books of the vatican, when I was there that there is a technic that exist to make a person travel or think even faster then the speed of thought. Which is damn fast lol. Yes I enjoy it very much, many times I remember the material I have read, and at times, no, or sometimes partially.

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A technique to make a person think faster than the speed of thought.
Is it possible to learn such a power?

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Yep. I learned it and during a dream I had (more like soul-travel) after that vatican reading, I was able to reach other realms much more faster…the experience last about 10-12 seconds. in human time. the distance reached was even more far away than any galaxy.

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It would be amazing if while out of body, I could experience a few hours as if they were days or longer.

It would be like the DBZ hyperbolic time chamber.

Actually I wonder how spirits normally experience time since their time-perception is probably not limited by anything like a physical brain.


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Yes at time I wonder that myself, I know though that some spirits are totally detatched from this realm and some have a foot in here and the other foot in the 1st layer of spiritual realm. I know some souls that comes directly from a black hole. It is their home. I never knew why or how. Time is like an elastic, we can manipulate it when we know how.

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@Ricardo666 Souls that come directly from a black hole.
That is pretty interesting and I guess that means that black holes have some form space inside them rather than just being flat 2D points of extreme gravity or something.

I think manipulating time is just a matter of manipulating our own perception of it.

Because what is time if not the conscious perception of it and our memories of the past?

Well, when I am into a cemetary, near the tomb of my parents, I can stop time over the area I am, birds stop singing, winds stops…it takes concentration and stillness

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Wait, you mean you somehow did that on the physical plane? Like while still inside your physical body?

I would love to know how you do that.

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Yes I did, like you described. I just stared at the tomb with my eyes really focused on the tomb and I concentrated to also bring with me the few meters around that is there, to also focus at same point of mine, the rest came naturally, because I have this gift since birth. Things to avoid; moving. the eyes are working, the rest is not. If you move, its gonna be harder. Stillness is key

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So just stare at a single point and then the rest happens automatically?

Yes, it takes patience and the eyes must stare, with no distraction, even if it is boring…you also must send a msg to nature that you are here and they sense you. You must sense the feelings of the energy around also at same time to laser-focus on the place you focus your eyes…you sort of must act like you are hypnotized by the scene…results are different, depending on the energy of the person and the experience.

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I wish I had a crap ton of books like that. lol I just love reading physical books, instead of PDF

Thanks. @Ricardo666.
I probably won’t be able to do that any time soon.
Especially since I don’t have any psychic senses yet so I won’t be able to do that sensing the energy around.

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