My Book Of Shadows (BOS)

I started my first BOS on October 26, 2018 and it’s just a regular 120 paged composition book which I decided to decorate with pictures to make it my own, and also adding my own energy to it as well. I am almost finished with it but have already started my second one as I’m someone who just loves the fresh, new feeling of starting a new book (which is why I tend to never finish my books, especially when I just have so many ideas I want to try/do but can’t really get myself to do them a lot of times). I had also made a table of contents for this BOS, and some things in this book that I have wrote down are; upright & inverted pentacle/pentagram, practices of witchcraft, my crystals, future life progressions, the Infernal Empire, the elements, daily witch things, why some spells don’t work, candle flame meanings and etc.

What does your BOS or grimoire look like?


How cool! :heart_eyes:
Mine is a normal diary notebook :yum:


It looks really nice,I do love those simple journals as well,the designs are smooth and pretty :sunflower::leaves:


Mine is on my laptop. I always liked the ability to keep it clean and organised this way. However, whilst I have a ‘hard’ book of shadows, I always feared writing in it. My handwriting and spelling isn’t great and had no idea how to organize it without ruining it with mistakes and errors. I am more drawn to a hard book again, however the same concerns exist. I am interested and perusing so many avenues of interest, how do I structure or organize it. Or do I just go for it and let the random form be part of the journey. I am not a perfectionist but I do want it to useable.