My Black Sun meditation experiment

I started the Black Sun meditation, I’m gonna upload this post over days as a kind of journal, if you’re curious about it and interested to see in the details.

Day 1 :
Nothing happened, I had troubles to visualise. But then I’ve been able to sleep for only 4 hours.

Day 2 :

  • I’m usually not very good at visualisation. During the meditation, I felt something on my teeth. As soon as I started to wonder what that could be, I entered in a kind of lucid dream, in which I was pulling my teeth out (just like that, no pain or disturbance) to look at it with my eyes. I saw every details like it was reality, I don’t even know how a teeth is. And I noticed a little caries. As I was looking at it, it started to grow and rot the entire teeth, like if it was showing me what’s gonna happen if I don’t take care of it. I don’t know if that’s true.
  • I fell asleep 2 hours, and this whole sleeping time was lucid and interlocked dreams. It was not too scary but it was about my anxieties. For example I had to deal with the idea to loose one of my kitten, something terrible had happened to him. It was awfull because it looked like a sort of premonition. So I don’t know if it’s a premonition, or if I was dreaming about this fear I have to loose my kittens. I hope it’s about my fears.
  • When I wanted to go back to sleep, I thought again about the black sun. I was trying to imagine I was comfortable under it, and I heard a very loud creepy kind of demonic voice in my head shout “LIES !!!”. It was right. I’m afraid of the dark since I’m 12, it’s better now but I had really violent crises over my life with it (yeah I know very sexy, please contain your passions). That’s one of the reasons I’m living at night, sometimes I can go crazy anxious for hours and can’t blink an eye before the first sunlights, there are nights I just can’t sleep before the sun arises. So it’s against the exercise to think the Black Sun is comfortable to me, as the sun we know is the one that reassures me. So… at that point I realized I already entered in the heart of the matter. I’m gonna have a nice week lol.

I don’t remember well everything, I had an agitated night, I woke up several times. As it was still night, I made the black sun still above my head, I waited the morning to make it down. Maybe it was an unnecessary violence ? I don’t know if it’s supposed to be progressive but it’s already pretty intense, I give up going back to sleep for tonight.

Day 3 :
For some reasons this night was pretty erotic. I lightly felt like I was having astral sex. Had some kind of visions I don’t remember of, lucid dreams, and again only 3h sleeping. But I felt pretty good during the “exposition”. A bit anxious, but ready to face whatever I’d have to.

So far, I feel like my visualisation is increased, so are my divination skills.
I have to say it fucks up my sleep ^^.
And I think the black sun is gonna make me face my fears. I’m usually pretty much at ease with introspective tools, because I tend to be transparent towards myself, and if I find some unpleasant thing hidden I’m just happy that it’s not hidden anymore. I’m okay to face myself.
But fears… yeah, this is something I like to deal with on my own. I don’t like to be confronted to them without my freewill.
The difficulty is gonna be to not hate and be freaked out by the exercise itself. But I clearly feel something, I didn’t expect that, I feel like I made a pact with some god and let him all rights on my mind for one week in exchange of some increased abilities.


Teeth are something that people are very self conscious about because it has to do with your appearance especially what other people think of you. But since you pulled your teeth without an emotional reaction that is good in the case of you doing magick. It means you don’t care what other people think in regards to your practice.

Teeth falling or being pulled out also has to do with loss. Undergoing a big change or a challenge so you are afraid what you will lose in the process.

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Interesting.[quote=“Sophia444, post:2, topic:17510”]
It means you don’t care what other people think in regards to your practice.
That’s pretty accurate indeed haha.

The kitten dream was very likely to be a premonitory dream. I asked to someone to give me a reading, he said that he doesn’t see his death but he’s gonna be sick in a few days, I will be terrified and think I’ll lose him, but if I take him to the vet right in time and follow his instructions everything should be fine.
That matches with the dream. I was holding him in my hands, he wasn’t dead, but inert, and I thought I was loosing him. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed, and that’s not good for emergencies. So I’m gonna prepare myself to keep my shit together. Honestly if this happens, this premonition might save his life. They are my first cats with his brother, and I’m really not used to these stuff, I could react very wrong and pay the expensive price. Now I know.

I hope nothing will happen to your cat. Cats are my favorite animals.I love them will all my heart.

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Something interesting to note : my boyfriend seems affected by the black sun too. I didn’t expect that.

He’s not at all in witchcraft or anything, he’s more into paranormal, like he’s pretty receptive to dead people and things like this but that’s it. He barely knows what the black sun is, he just knows what I told him : not much.
But yet, he had the same night as me, agitated and lucid. And he too, had a nightmare that scared the shit out of him, felt terribly accurate.

I was me, but in a dog form. We were on an island the two of us (our home). I was very excited and playful, this is all I was, just a playful excited dog (that’s not very flattering is it ?! lol). So I started to run everywhere at the borders and further. I was really happy and excited, wanted to play with exterior things.
I saw two bears in the water. In my excitement, I wanted to play with them, so I crossed the water. My boyfriend didn’t want that, he felt a risk, I mean, you know you don’t want your dog to play with bears, so he started to pull out on the leash ; I ignored him. I reached the bears, and for a moment I was fine.
From behind the two bears, a huge black pitbull came out and ripped me off. Just like that, holding my bleeding cracked neck between its tooth.
So he tried to take me back, but nothing was interesting to the pitbull except me, he wouldn’t let me go. By force of conviction, he managed to make it loosen the jaw and take me back.

To me, this part is pretty clear. This month I was preparing myself to try evocation, I started to think it’s gonna be the time to get my hands dirty very soon. The bears are the two entities I’m alike to call soon, but my boyfriend doesn’t know about this and doesn’t know who are these entities, I think that’s why everything was so graphic. It scares him but I’m doing fine with the bears. But something else will take that opportunity and enter the door I’m opening, and this, I’m not ready to deal with it, I’m not expecting that and it’s gonna rip me off.
Now he’s really worried, it doesn’t look like him at all.

So, he took me to the vet (LOLOLOLOLLL), I was in really in bad condition, maybe dead. The doctor had to operate my heart for some reasons, and it was really weird ; He took off a rotted black piece of my heart, asked to my boyfriend to hold it in his hands. Then he replaced this piece with something half organic half manufactured by himself, my bf really doesn’t know what to interpret with that. What he knows is that when the dream ends, he doesn’t know if I’m getting away with this.

To me, this doctor is a virtual friend of mine who’s quite experienced. He’s not my mentor, but he has 10 years of practice and he’s my back up since 1 week. If something would happen to me, he’s the only person my boyfriend could turn to.
He said it was the worst night of all his life, in which he had to deal with my death. He’s really upset, didn’t eat nor drink for the whole day.