My belief about the universe

There are multiple universes. In general they are run by a pyramid structure. At the top is the Overlord, a sort of king of the elder gods who watch over the universe.This being and the Elder Gods are too vast to be described but they sometimes appear to me as cloaked beings with glowing energy bodies.

Terran Gods, also known as Planetary or Tertiary Gods are beings like Zeus. These beings on the cosmic scale are in third place and run most of the everyday things. These beings will be the kind who you can interact with.

Elder Gods usually just supervise and insure that the balance is kept. The universe is a finely delicate creation that needs to be balanced. If it’s against the design it doesn’t last long. These beings do not care about you or what trouble you have in life. It’s all about the balance of the creation, which is the universe. I believe that you can switch universes but this is difficult. Some universes are stronger for Lucifer than others. In another Pagan Gods are the strongest of tertiary gods.

If it’s an Archon universe it’s even worse.

So how can we succeed? Well, that’s up to your soul. If you are designed to be able to use magic, then it is so. If you ever achieve a “open destiny” you get the freedom to do whatever, but keep in mind that the universes where you are able to do it are very much the “Wild West”. Your mileage may vary.

I believe that there are entirely separate dimensions that have no connection to this one. If you can get over to one, then you can be free. However it is difficult. It’s one thing to shuffle into a universe governed by the same Over Source (the big creator of the universes of a particular dimension cluster) but to transfer… to another? Damn near impossible without help.

I can see people going if it has been decided that they are unsuitable and enough of an annoying presence that the best way to maintain balance is to get rid of them.