My Belial Pathworking/Necromancy Revelation

Several months ago I posted about Belial suddenly and rather forcefully presenting himself to me after smoking a descent amount of Marijuana. I had already detected something amiss a few days before this, and so I was uncertain what exactly was going on.

The past four months have been hell. I willingly destroyed a relationship at Belial’s request. My confidence in my sister had been shaken, despite her supporting me and giving me emotional counsel when I need it(Belial called her the princess of swords during one of my recent Tarot readings).

I must admit that there was a point in which Belial’s influence began overcoming my own energy body. Slowly trickling into my unconscious mind until I was a walking zombie without any company other than the skeletal figures and shadow people that tormented me in my sleep. I travelled south to visit my mother in another state, and even there was tormented by this spirit who’s constant verbal encroachment left me questioning the nature of my life and reality as a whole.

What have I learned in this process? I have learned that I am the magician that I seek, and that I must deny the influence of other people when I intuitively know that it was not their place to influence me or my decisions. A sense of spiritual autonomy I suppose?

Belial has appeared to me in many different forms. Most common is his robed skeletal form, but he has also chosen to appear as an Egyptian pharoah, and a skeletal warlord with bone plate armor.

A few days ago he began whispering to me that “It’s time to learn”, “I will teach you everything you wish to know”, “the time is now to take your lordship”. I ripped several pages out of one of my old journals and wrote down a devotional, listing off all my requests and praising Belial for his teachings thus far and even flattering him a little with his many titles and positions in the infernal hierarchy. I signed my spiritual name and covered it in my own blood as an offering. Neither of us actually consider this a pact, as it was very informal and unorganized, but nonetheless Belial was very happy with me afterwards and quickly guided me to the information that I wanted to know regarding magick and my spiritual development.

Central to all of Belial’s themes, at least in my experience with him is death. Death is not just a transition of one life to the next but a constant cycle between states of existence.

He told me, " you must seek death, and not let it take you".

I drew the connections, and got out my copy of Dante Abiel’s Necromantic Sorcery.

“The power and the knowledge you seek is in this book”.

As I began reading the initial chapter in which Dante lays out the philosophical principles behind his saturnian necromancy, I came to a revelation regarding all of the time I have spent with this demon. Applying the hermetic principle of polarity, I concluded that life and death are a single force, and that the only way to transcend both the trees of life and death is to embrace undeath and eternal consciousness in what Belial refers to as the “shadow world”. The moment I realized this the atmosphere changed in the room and I sensed a great burden lifted off of me. The light around me changed and Belial began verbally approving my discovery. Placing my hand on the page of the most profane grimoire in my collection, Belial said:

“This is the ultimate form”

I still wish to work with the other gatekeepers in the future, but I still have a long road to travel with Belial. I have been drawn to necromancy for years, and I now feel a certain sense of completion. This demon made me confront my fear of death and establish myself in the black flame of divinity, and I thank him for it.
Thank you E.A. Koetting, Kurtis Joseph, Asenath Mason, and Edgar Kerval for your contributions to the Belial compendium. The moment I brought the package into my house I knew that I was welcoming damnation, and I still have a long way to go in practicing the rituals therein.

Anyways, sorry for the lengthy post. I’m long winded when it comes to these things and enjoy sharing my experiences.


This evening, the spirit told me in one day I would know the whole truth it is trying to get across to me. I woke up at 3:00am and couldn’t get back to sleep. He has been ranting to me about the flame of divinity and that soon we will have to join for me to understand him fully, and then he will depart.

Around 4:00am, I was able to get back to sleep, and to my surprise found myself having a wonderful string of astral projections in which I was able to see Belial in his gleaming armor standing at the foot of my bed, and then decided to walk out of my apartment. I would find myself back in my body after at max two minutes, as I am not yet versed in dream magic but have been wanting to study it for awhile.

The final time, laying in my bed on my stomach (my most comfortable sleep position), I felt the sudden rush of energy that accompanies projection, and then was grabbed by my foot by something at the end of my bed, which started pulling me.

Shocked by this, I pulled back. He let go, and there was a loud shaking in the room. I saw a shadow man run around the side of my bed. It leaned down, and with a voice seemingly of a man in his early twenties said, “live with me, live with me, live with me, live with me”.

Has anyone had similar experiences when working with these entities? This was actually quite terrifying for me, as it was unexpected and I was unaware of how strong it had become with my attention to it.

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