My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update

A while ago I replied in a thread about Belial, including everything I know to date about him – with the software changes, some links in that got broken, so I’ve just fixed those, made a few edits to bring it up-to-date, and am making this its own thread because I just recently recommended Belial in a couple of replies.


This is an image I created that represents how he most often appears to me, though he will sometimes change his appearance if he feels like it, and this definitely isn’t the “only” or “correct” way to see him!

Image created by Lady Eva in May 2015 & released under CC0 “public domain” licence

Belial seems to like you to show some backbone, I made a post here which describes that the first time he came into my life he attacked me, to see how I would react, and then (it seems) based his continued presence in my life on the fact I had to kick the butt of his army - a task I suspect he made achievable for me, although it wasn’t easy.

He’s shown a distinct preference to be evoked outdoors, there’s a small grove of trees nearby that has mist rising for a while after sunrise most days, and when I evoked him there one morning, he manifested some forty feet tall in that mist; when I subsequently summoned him indoors, he mimed that he found it cramped, but it’s something to be aware of.

This did somewhat backfire, insofar as it caused an outbreak of bizarre petty crime in the area – I posted about that in this topic last year. :slight_smile:

He doesn’t seem to be a stickler for more formal dress (King Paimon and Azazel, and Thoth, have all requested this, formal robes or at least fully clothed) - Belial doesn’t seem to give a hoot if I’m wearing a ratty old t-shirt and no knickers, and unwashed after a night’s sleep. He may be different with men, but I doubt it.


He enjoys being offered things you wanted for yourself, such as half a tub of posh ice-cream I was saving, which makes me think the emotion of sacrifice is more important to him than superficial flashiness - kind of like the story about the widow’s mite.

Artist’s impression of this author, making tough decisions on demonic sacrifices!

I’ve offered him reddish-coloured things and he likes those, and he’s also said he’d very much like me to engrave his sigil in metal, aluminium in this case, so that might be a payment to offer him if he comes through with an important task.

Don’t offer it beforehand, he seems hard-headed and not the type to expect something for nothing. And don’t offer him anything unless you mean for it to become his.

He seems to dislike all things connected to empty status, he also seems to despise any kind of racial prejudice, snobbery, and income- or class-based prejudice, any effort we make (based on real or imagined criteria) to set ourselves above another human monkey such as ourselves. This has been my experience, and it’s also described in the Imperial Arts entry here, and that dude has a very different approach to me, and yet we received the same basic information.

This may be important, depending on your situation, and how to define the task you wish to achieve when working with him.

The Imperial Arts guy mentions in that blog that he got the impression Belial sneered at him, I’ve seen the same response but (for whatever his real form may be) the sneer or smirk he sometimes displays seem to me to be more the astonished amusement of a being totally outside human life, necessities, and desires, who hears the outrageous and ridiculous wishes of humans which must seem as surreal to him as the grimoiric descriptions of spirits who can make birds appear, or who ride camels and tigers, seem to us.

When Aaron Donaghue, who believes all spirits in the Goetia are aliens, attempted to remote view Belial, he was shown an image of a dead alien in a crashed spaceship - I believe that was Belial’s sense of humour showing through, to be honest! :wink:

I did some work deconstructing his enn into Enochian, here, and his name, here - I can’t claim those are canonical and I’m not a language expert, but I think they offer a different slant on the traditional interpretation of his name.

I am extremely fond of Belial, as I posted here, but he’s informed me many times that he’s not a “friend,” and will only work with you if there’s something in it for him, so don’t try to plead to his sympathetic side (unless he personally tells you otherwise, he may be fond of some people in a different way) and keep things businesslike instead.

That’s about all I can think of about him, he’s approved the image I posted here and the sigil I posted here, and I’ve tried to capture the energy I get from him in both (the old “picture speaks a thousand words” thing…).

Good luck to all who want to work with the big guy! :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly how I see him, in the picture that is. He’s… Interesting lol…


Lady Eva,
What is the correct pronunciation of Belial? From the Imperial Arts website he states, "
BLY - YOL (without worth) pronounced “bel-EE ya-AL”? I have “heard” so many people say it so many ways.


I was just thinking of belial today he appears to me and a “silver blonde” man with short hair about 5"6 to 5’8 and as I know his name is pronounced “BE-LYEL”

Lady Eva, What is the correct pronunciation of Belial? From the Imperial Arts website he states, " BLY - YOL (without worth) pronounced "bel-EE ya-AL"? I have "heard" so many people say it so many ways. Thanks!

The one he gave to me was like Beh-LeeAwl (or Beh-LeeUll depending on accent).

The “Beh” H is a kind of glottal stop, I actually forget what it’s called, like when someone says “Uh-oh” and the first part has a distinct end to the “Uh.”


That’s what I saw even the cloaths bit looked more neat.


lol yeah I can’t even draw a smart opera suit, let alone what a King of Hell is wearing, and add onto this, that this glorious bastard once lectured me for being too kinky, and you have all the ingredients of either a classic inter-galactic/inter-dimensional reality show, or just some really fucking colourful psychosis, so, I just drew some squiggles, because honestly what Belial wears is his own business, and I did my best there! :stuck_out_tongue:


No I swear that’s what I saw he was just staring at me but in my mind I heard him say look n the arm raised pointed outside n I saw this black smoke form thingies as small as a hand come together in the form of a person. I was scared shirtless I admit. n I dreamt of a black horned goat dog thing and someone or thing was riding it. I closed the door. N it got in and I have no clue what it was I saw a mutant bunny with horns or something n then just left. Then I was fighting alot with People and punched n faught like three men trying to take advantage of my sister. Them down easily enough in my dreams at least. I mean last night after I saw him I dreamt of my dead wife, the fighting and a big guy with a knife too. I disarmed him it’s weird freaky coz I m a fairly non physical person. I woke and only one hour had passed! I DIDN’T even go back to sleep I just thaught of the things my wife said in the dream.
She said if u get on that plane going to Cape town (and I don’t like flying either) then because ur relationship is on the rocks and I m on the other end of the sword.
I don’t know what the fuck that meant but I was so sad coz I never dream about her…after two years.
Maybe u know I don’t no what that meant. U cool I like chatting with u. Nway now I want ask another question. Do u know what mercury sulfide3 is used for? Spell wise? I acquired it years ago but never really got the answer. I just knew that that red powder was needed coz a friend told me. He didn’t say y. Sorry for typing so long! Apologies n thanks again. Hope to hear from u soon.


Too kinky who doesn’t like that???:joy::joy:


:raised_hands:t3::point_up_2:t2::raised_hands:t3: this is amazing!

Mutant Bunnies? The only thing I can think of are these things called “Striders” from an old childrens movie called “The Dark Crystal.” They were giant bunnies with very long stilt like legs and they were used much like horses. I called them “Bunny Things,” as I had no idea at the time what they were.


And what were they?


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Guturral like a back of the throat vibration?

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In English, it’s pronounced /biˈlaɪəl/:

I’ve heard at least two American authors pronounce it this way:

It may also be pronounced /ˈbiliəl/ or /ˈbiljəl/. In British English it may be pronounced /ˈbiːlɪəl/: .

In French, it’s /be.lial/, and in Latin, it’s /be’li-al/: .

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is one’s best bet for accurate pronunciation.

In magick and spirit summoning, it may be better to use the ancient Latin or Greek pronunciations, but when it comes to daily prayer, English pronunciations may be right.


so when i look up his color online, i come up with orange (so i already bought tge orange candles) but on here, it seems like people are saying he prefers red. Should i get red candles instead? i know it probably doesnt matter much but i want to get things as perfect as i can


Orange and red both seem good, he seems to align with mercurial forces a lot, for example a while ago on here a LOT of us were working at the same time with Belial, Odin, and Raphael, all of who have mercury associations.

So, chose the correct one depending on the nature of the work maybe? Influence over a boss for example is more mercurial, passion or anger both red.


So I plan on evoking Belial tomorrow and I was wondering how necessary blood is for the ritual. Do you use blood often, and would my lack of a blood offering hamper results? I’m trying to stay away from blood offerings for a while so I’m hoping it won’t affect things


I don’t myself, there are some other recent posts about this here, of which several people also stated they did not offer blood for various reasons:

I have never, myself, defaulted to offering blood and only use it where both the context and seriousness of the situation combine to make it appropriate and necessary.