My beginning in the shadows

Becoming one with your shadow.

One night I set out to call Azazel, I have been working with this devil for years since our pact and relationship started, so did my journey to dark ascent or descent.
I called Azazel forth, he manifested as a satyr with white marble skin and with a head of a ram.
His voice seemed more dark and sinister than I had ever heard from him, he looked at me and said " You wish to know darkness you wish to become it, you are closer than you think ".

I asked him, " what do you mean ", Azazel laughing replied " darkness has always followed you but you reject it and simply ignore it ". Confused I told him " how could i ignore darkness, I haven’t sensed it at all ". Azazel points at my temple wall while holding a dark humoured grin, I looked into the direction he was pointing to and all I saw was candle light and my shadow.

I began thinking Azazel must be fooling me around, but I have never known Azazel to do such a thing.

Azazel’s arm began to stretch out towards to wall pointing at my shadow,
He told me " know thy shadow to know thyself, why call darkness when you possess a dark inactive aspect of your very fibre". I replied " Azazel isn’t a shadow just a reflection in light ".

Azazel reassured me that there is more to our shadows, than we perceive, he began explaining to me the true nature of our shadows. How to call all powers of darkness and how to harbour that power into my shadow.

I grabbed a pen and paper and literally wrote about ninety pages, full of mediations, rituals, spells etc. I was flabbergasted, all this time I had a massive source of power at my disposal and never took advantage of it, but all of that was about to change.

Now what I began was not shadow magick at all, but more demonic, advanced and way more powerful. I coined the term " shadowism ", to separate this new dynamic form of black magick from ordinary shadow magick.

The shadow can intake harmful and destructive energies and use them, without harming your physical, mental or emotional well-being. This comes in handy when working in hardcore paths like necromancy and vampirism.

When it comes to your shadow your possibilities are endless, as Azazel told me " shadows are always present within all things on the three dimensional plane, to utilise all the powers and implements on this earth for your ascent, then the shadow is where you’ll find your answers ".

The first shadowism ritual I performed is called …

Power over the host.

In this ritual I had to undertake blasphemy to all that I knew, I stood before a huge inverted pentagram which was placed upon my altar, I began to call the powers of darkness into myself and into my temple. I called Azazel and he guided me through the ritual.

It ended up with me possessed, drooling on my knees in physical pain, for a legion of shadow demon like beings, coursed through me. I began to use demonic incantations to call my shadow to my attention, as if I was evoking my very own shadow. Just as if lucifer would evoke, lucifuge himself.

I got possessed by my own shadow, where I left my body and I fell into a realm full of shadows, with a blood moon above me.

Upon a cliff I saw Azazel, he told me " for those who fear the darkness, it’s because they do not embrace it, come now Connor, become the darkness because it’s already became you ",

He sat at his throne on the left and on the right was Lilith, shocked she seemed to be holding a chalice that she was drinking from, I could tell it was the offerings that are given to her, blood and semen. In the middle there was a empty throne Lilith and Azazel spoke in unison.

“Welcome home shadow, we have summoned you here, to employ you with the shadow knighting”.

Two shadow knights rose up in front of me, holding black shadow swords, each one stood before me and each placed their swords on my shoulders knighting me.

As I was knighted the faceless shadow knights began chanting a mantra, from the Swords the actual shadows leaked into me, injecting me with this unknown nocturnal shadow essence.

I stood there slowly being consumed in my surroundings of darkness, were dark shadow phantoms, laid dormant whispering and making noises, that a humans vocal could never imitate.

This was my beginning two years ago on the path of advanced shadow magick, called Shadowism.


@C.Kendall marvelous indeed, could you share some more details on that.

Infernal & Darkest Blessings!