My baphomet seal just broke..?

so i bought the occult tarot, which has cards with harnessed demonic energy. This said, my baphomet card ripped somehow the first time i opened it, on the sticky edge. I’ve been questioning if I should work with the goetia, is this a sign that I should or shouldn’t? I’m debating how to see it. Also, should I burn the card? It seems disrespectful but it might be safest idk. Any thoughts?

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you’ll be fine as long as you treat the entity with respect. Speak with confidence. And on the burning, i mean doubt the entity would feel anything about it but you could always run it by him.

Honestly I’ve no idea but just found it interesting you posted this and I had a wierd baphomet popping up experience yesterday totally unexpectedly

Wonder what’s with it right now

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I’m not familiar with this deck - which card was the Baphomet used for? It could be the card meaning that’s important.

Baphomet isn’t one of the 72 Goetic entities, so I wouldn’t take it as a sign about anything Goetic myself.

Just a thought but maybe you should stop practicing magick till you reach inner balance (one of baphomets meanings)