My baneful fire darts keep bouncing back?

I am reading your book on Baneful magick and practicing different techniques including the fire darts on some people who deserve it. But it seems they are bouncing back to me and I know these people do not use magick . Any ideas how I can fix this? I do not feel guilty for it, that is certainly not why…just throwing that out there lol

Banes bouncing back can mean that they have passive shielding. Anything from good intentions or disbelief on their part to the protection of someone/something else can create these passive shields. Investigate your target, you may find a better way to penetrate, even a better spell may come to mind


It may also be a matter of affinity. Your target may be less vulnerable to fire than to another element


Great response!


I am only experimenting with baneful and good thing iam! Iam learning so much! Ty

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Just out of curiosity. When you get hit with the bounce back, is it magnified (increase in power)?

No much less but still there

Ok, well that debunks my theory. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Out of curiosity what was your theory?

Wait!!! Unless the shield protecting them was designed to absorb energy to keep it sustainable, befor sending it back to the Caster.

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I think this target has negative entities protecting him. Because they feed off him and the destruction he causes…

Well my theory was that it very well could be an unknow magician protecting the individual. The shielding magick I use bounces the spell back but only after amping it up substantially.

As far as I know nuteral shield have no bounce back. Again, as far as I know.

Thoe this drainging of energy could also point to an outside force. Very ingenious and clever I must say.

If I where you. I would look to see if anyone they are affiliated with practices.



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This whole thing has me realizing I’m not as strong as I thought. I’m glad I started small before a full blown curse


It’s always good to start with baby steps. You’ll get the hang of it in no time, just remember there is always more to learn.

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Unfortunately for us all, there is no such thing as a flawless defense, even still–should that wind up being the case here. One simple suggestion that could help in numerous ways is to first bind and blind them via poppet, then invoke a spirit like Belial beforehand to sympathetically connect to this assumedly protected target. You know, just like invoking a Godform and doing any other ritual yourself. Try it, maybe, once you know this person will be asleep to boot? I know that kind of working could easily appeal to Belial in the right circumstance, at least.

On a personal note, Vampirization carried out alongside of your psychic attacks would cause them to support each other synergistically–for sake of future study if desired–and particularly so when, again, you know the target is going to be asleep and largely defenseless in most cases. I’d be happy to share some material via PM if you find yourself getting interested.

Further, since you would be invoking Belial anyway or some other spirit, I would suggest not forming those astral weapons you’ll be using out of your own prana while you’re at it just to be safe. I figure a person doesn’t want to make it easier to get caught, after all.

I don’t see any reason to give up yet. Let us know when it works out. Meanwhile, good luck. And have fun! :slight_smile:


I just wanted to know that if someone pissed me off in could just shoot my darts at their head to give them a headache lol evil? Maybe. I’ve learned to like this side of myself haha. I’m still amazed how well it worked with my own chi …I’m practicing and learning some vampirism as well, I never thought to do that first. Thank you! I also heal people with reiki and energy from the void, that I’m much better at but I want my arsenal full.

It’s all good. Something will happen. lol I was on the receiving end of a similar, far more toned down kind of astral weapon based attack many years ago. As a result in part I had developed a crippling sinus infection that went and came back and ultimately lingered for over two months until very, very luckily figuring out the cause by accident during a healing rite with Archangel Raphael and then undergoing healing via reiki. On this chakra, when seeing a brief flash of an image of my energy body from without, I had seen that I’d had gashes, kunai and throwing stars all stuck in there–and all made out of my attacker’s energy thankfully, as it turned out. He later confirmed it. So yeah, stick with it.

By the way, another option I saw put forth by Uncle Chuckie was in short to go about sending missles into the back of their third eye, thereby exploding their heads. Maybe that might help? Hopefully. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’d like to blow up their third eye to wake them up but that’s another topic.

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As for being “evil”, and diving into your shadow, I think even Koetting found himself deeply in just such an experimental phase around the time of writing of Baneful Magick if I’m able to recall rightly. I know as a phase of growth, probing my own limits as you are seemingly doing had been a true learning experience, so I couldn’t moralize or judge. But that’s on the aside.

To comment on applying vampirism specifically though, you can also try slashing into their aura using a clawed bestial hand to assist with the process of getting started. Very welcome, btw. Glad to be of some small help. :slight_smile:

Yes he talks about that and throwing darts at someone for an experiment. My shadow was blocked out for me for years and it always made me feel guilty due to my up bringing I feel so free now to say the least.
Aura slashing, that’s brilliant! Ty!

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