My attempt with Belial

Minutes ago I contacted Belial to help me with an upcoming trial that I’ll have to deal with tomorrow. I’ll post the result tomorrow if I’ll manage to pull it through.

First of I decided to do some improvisation since I haven’t had much experience with evocation. I lit two purple candles since I lack black ones and preformed the lesser banishing ritual to cleanse the area. I used the demonic rulers of the four corners of the world rather than angels this time.

Once I was done with the cleansing I sat down and relaxed, trying to get to T/G sync. Once I was there I began chanting and beseeching my guardian to assist me with this ritual. I had no scrying mirror so I used my phone since that was all I had at hand this time. I never could get into scrying so I closed my eyes and tried to listen to any thoughts that would come to my mind in T/H sync. The guardian did speak to me and warned me that although I am not strong enough yet, he’ll help me to contact him. He told me to open my eyes and stare at the blank phone with my eyes half closed and keep changing and speaking in tongues.

When I felt I was ready I closed my eyes again and felt a surge of energy down my spine. The being was Belial and he commanded me to state my request. I told him that I will need help tomorrow to which he asked my why do I need this done. I replied to him that it must be done so I can finally be free of my past. Belial then agreed to help me if I will contact Azazel and begin his disciple and speak to him daily. The request was a bit too much for me and I asked him to let me do it at my own pace. After a short conversation we agreed that tomorrow I must contact Azazel after I’m done and afterwards follow his instructions and in return he will assist me with my business tomorrow and told me I can contact im again after I have preformed my part of the deal for further assistance. Subconsciously I was hoping for a sign and as I was about to close the ritual the phone rang.

I believe Belial will be on my side and in return I shall do as he commanded.

Well… to say the very least I am humbled… Like never before. The ritual’s result was EXACTLY the same like Koetting described his dealings with Belial in his seminary. It was solved and once I got there I was told it was already solved. If I had any doubts about EA’s methods they are gone now. EA you might have saved my life.

That sounds very uplifting and positive!

However, I would stress that for next time… i would say that you should not answer the phone lol. ‘Demons’, like people, like to be respected and all i would suggest is that maybe it would be wise not to do it next time. However, brilliant news Yaldabaoth!