My Astral Projection/Lucid Dreaming Cheat Code!

I’ve been working on full astral projection lately, like can’t even feel my body in the slightest, lucid dreaming astral projection, and I finally found something that works, so I wanted to share it with you.

First off I never really liked astral projection that felt like I wasn’t fully on that plane, so a few months ago when I turned a Lucid dream into a projection and had experiences I couldn’t even dream of, I was determined to do it again. The first thing I tried was dream journaling, reality checks, etc. but I never really got results, so I ordered these:


They are a Lucid dreaming type supplement and although I had far more vivid dreams, it still didn’t get me the results I desired. I took them for maybe two weeks, then, about a week ago I asked Lucifer for help. The next day I woke up at 3am to take the red pill (You take the blue before bed and for hours later take the red) I couldn’t fall back asleep but I took the pill anyway, around two hours later my body was extremely tired, but my mind was WIDE awake, and when I drifted off, it finally worked.

I tried it again this morning, and it was the exact same thing, full astral projection and lucid dreaming, with minimal effort. The only downside is that when you fall asleep you will end up in your dream world, and will likely see the subconscious version of yourself still dreaming (Super trippy btw). When you get in, think of the astral realm, or a specific entities vibration, and force a door to appear before you (make sure you close it on the way out). Otherwise, you’re basically a dream walking ghost in all realms.

Anyway, If you have trouble with astral projection or lucid dreaming and you’re searching for a solution, this may just work for you!


P.S. When I get up at 3am I make coffee, wash my face, really just wake my mind up. I don’t recommend working out as this may wake your body up too much.


I had no idea anything like this existed. Pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


They also have pills for astro projection as well

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