My aspiration to divinity

I see stuff like this and it drives me to push forward to divine power.

Why should I not devote myself to something more then my own ego?

What good is godhood if you do nothing god like with it?

Who am I to acend and leave no proof of human potential in my wake?

When will the desire for godhood be about the betterment of our world?


Normally what people attribute to Divine Power is a Vision of what has yet to come, and because of this their ideals are not normally grounded in reality but rather fits the Vision of their religion (which is not always grounded in the real world).

Yes, personally I have projects ranging from travels, collecting games, movies etc. to, gradually, vast and unselfish ones such as (indeed) improve health and also safety through esoteric means as well as, possibly, volunteering, politics…

To answer the last question, to me it boils down to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Most people in this era seem to never get past social needs, much less esteem needs. Until those are satisfied and people seek the more that is above them, it’ll be selfish business as usual. Some people also, when they achieve self actualization, fall back into esteem needs in a weird Egoistic cycle. Few will take what they learn and help others, where it is called transcendence.