My Ascent Requires That I

What is required of you in order to ascend, evolve? @anon72564005 said in another post that his ascent requires acceptance of his fellow humans.

It is always the deepest wounds that holds us back.

What are your roadblocks? Can you be accountable to yourself in facing the mirror of your own shortcomings?


My Ascent requires that I become more accepting of humanity, and stop blaming them for the wounds that were caused to me by a few bad people.

My Ascent requires that I stop holding myself back.

My Ascent requires that I allow myself to ascend.


I’ll go with the theme of this post -

My ascent requires that I stop using my words to attack, and instead focus on my self and accepting that we are not all experiencing the same experience in magick or even in the real world.

My roadblocks are my hatred towards Christianity and the forcing of children to follow them as a cash cow, they have no interest in bettering humanity and my hatred of them makes it hard for me to accept that they exist. I guess getting over it, I could accept that people like that truly do exist and we should ignore them. Paying for knowledge after all is something viewed as Benjamin Franklin as the greatest sin.

I guess we will find out as time goes on. I’ve been wanting to experience an ego-death and a permanent one to see if it would change my outlook on reality.

My ascent requires accepting that we are not all the same, and not of the same nature.


My ascent requires to heal that shit or GTFO. Which is kinda stupid because it throws me into a big personal schism regarding my feelings towards some people in my life.


Ascent doesn’t equal easy or comfortable. Though painful, facing those challenges makes us stronger and freer.


My ascent requires getting out of the abyss. It is not pleasant. But what comes next…


To learn to accept loss. Loss of loved ones, power, control, feelings, ego… I’ll get there, eventually :expressionless:


My ascent requires that I learn patience.


My ascent requires:

  1. To always make time to ascend, no excuses.

  2. Go through intense pathworking sessions, stop doubting myself and to push my limits and comfort zone.

  3. To not judge myself too harshly as I very often do. And above all else learn patience, hardest thing I’ve ever learned.


My understanding is that the only roadblock to my ascension is karmic retribution. At this time, I am getting a second chance to make up for something that I did 10-13 thousand years ago. That information was based on my natal chart reading.
I still do not know specifically what it is i did that i should have done differently. My gut says it was a suicide in a precious life.

Time will tell.


Oddly enough my ascent requires the opposite, that I go deeper into the Abyss, there is much trauma there, much pain and twisted energy that honestly is enough to make even the most adept have trouble sleeping at night, but at the center of that demented place is the home of the Infernal Empire, and beneath that is the strange world that I was born to call home, a place deep below the Outer Abyss of Nightmare and into the Inner Abyss of the Twilight Valley of the Worldsoul.

But in short, my ascent requires that I leave this toxic home and venture into the world, that I begin my path in the military whilst never forgetting to live my own path, but that I leave my physical family behind no matter how they might try to manipulate me and seek out freedom in a way that does not destroy me in the process.


When I was 17, I devised a way to escape my toxic home, too. You have a good plan. Hang in there dear.


My ascent requires detachment in its cosmic emination.