My Anti-transmigration Process

The Most Blackest Magick.

The operation of this anti-transmigration process, is considered the most forbidden of black Magick. It is taking the human and making the soul of the human God.

Not becoming a demi-god or a powerful magician no it is to be God in the flesh.
Let me explain for those of you who do not know what this process actually is.

The Anti-transmigration Process.

This is achieved through soul travelling the various planes of existence, gaining mastery over each plane then absorbing the energies of those planes. Ascending through the planes, purging yourself through the abyss.

Entering the realm of extroverted soul, known as the formative plane, the place filled with light and sound. It is a ocean of pure liquid light, filled with the powers of creation, destruction, life and death it is the heart of the eternal.

Here’s how it’s done.

The Steps.

  1. The Realm Of Flesh And Substance - Soul travelling this physical world and solidifying the astral body of light.

  2. The Astral Plane - Soul travelling to the astral plane, whether it’s learning from the demons or gods in various kingdoms and realms.
    Learning astral creation, creating kingdoms and constructs journeying through incredible planes within the astral plane.

Astral shapeshifting and various other forms of astral abilities should be mastered.

  1. The Casual Plane - Soul travelling to the casual plane, accessing the realm of pure memory, connecting to the memory of all you’re past lives.
    Accessing people’s memories, mastering the force of memories.

  2. The Mental Plane - Soul travelling to the mental plane, starting with the lower mental plane. Accessing the field of consciousness, mastering one’s own consciousness.
    The next stage is the ability to manipulate not only you’re own consciousness, but implant thoughts into others for control.

Next accessing the highest form of the mental plane which is void of form or any architecture.
It’s a source of pure unfettered consciousness, beyond word. Merging with the super-consciousness being able to access all knowledge, gaining the answer without word it becomes a knowing.

Interfacing with the ability, Omniscience the ability to know all and everything.

  1. The Abyss - Entering the outter darkness, the abyss is a process which purges the soul.
    This realm separates the lower planes from the god-planes. Here you’ll face you’re own inner demons and purge the soul to make it divine.

Once this spiritual darkness lingers on you’re soul, that spiritual darkness will come back to you’re life. Causing the dark night of the soul, you must face all that comes you’re way and stay strong.

  1. The Formative Plane - You soar through that fiery ocean of pure power, for it is the light which flows into all planes. It gives form to all the lower planes, it destroys and gives life.

It is the eternal current, any form I had was burnt away and diminished. If I am not a astral being, nor a casual or mental being then what am I.
I can’t even feel or see my soul, I am not me, I am instead that ocean of power.

I flow down into the other worlds and feed as well as kill all below. I keep flowing through this immersing myself until I am no longer that river.

I am now the centre of it, I have become a huge body of that power, my three eternal eyes looking down at all that is.

For my heart is the heart of thee eternal, I am the creator and destroyer, I am thee all and nothing.
Now I am at the heights of ascension, for at that moment I can create or destroy what I desire.
I can be anywhere and everywhere simultaneously and know anything I wish to know.

However it is such a eternal, God-state that mundane desires do not even come to mind.
Now what it’s time to take all of that back down to earth.

Step Backwards.

Next is to flow down as the river of the eternal, to pass through the abyss, to then take form as pure consciousness. Down then to the casual plane having all memory and absorbing it.

Further down into the astral plane, down into the physical plane, sealing within my being the constant flow of the eternal of all that is.

Solidifying that brightest of divine power within my being, this is to be repeated time and time again. Until all of it is within you, now every cell and atom and fibre of you’re being is Atman, Sat’Nam.

Once sealed that power becomes black, you emanate now as a dark god in the flesh.
The ultimate obtainment of Godhood, the ultimate state of being.

It is done … Again.




Let’s be honest we are born that way. You are discovering your true self and nature.

There are lesser and higher gods too. And great old beings that borne them all.

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We are the emanations of the eternal so yes.
We are also microcosmic emanations of the macrocosm, literally there is a holographic double of everything within us.

What we are doing in this process is, we understand we have become individualised aspects of the source.

We are uniting with the fullness of the source, instead of being a fragment of it, which is hindered by our mind and ego. Instead of dissolving into the divine, we become it once more and by sheer will.

Pull that all back down, through the anti-transmigration process. Interlocking that within us, no longer being the emanation of the all bit instead being thee all embodied.


Its not place to say anything. Hail Satan.