My ancestors

Is there anyway to check if I really did upset one of my ancestors ?

Can I ask another spirit to remove whatever is holding me back ?

Ask Bune, Bifrons or Murmur for help with that. I recommend Bune first, she’s a little more compassionate with ancestor matters then the other two.

Yes you can, best to identify what’s holding you back first if you can, it might be something your not ready to deal with or let go of, however if you believe you are ask a spirit like King Vine for help but again be sure because he has a funny habit of throwing life into chaos while he’s removing them and that is not a pleasant experience to go through if one’s not prepared for it.


I’ll ask Bune . What if she says I didn’t make any of them mad ? What would I do ?

Then start working with a spirit like Vine.

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Bune told me I didn’t upset any ancestors and there is no kind of curse on me . I asked her if I should ask Vine to move any obstacles in my way and she said yes .

But should I tell him to not mess up my life any more than it already is ? I don’t want to be homeless or have a loved one die because I asked him to remove any of my obstaces .

That’s between you and him. Ask him FIRST what obstacles he sees in your life that are stopping you from reaching specific goals.

Spirits especially Demonic kings might have radically different thoughts on what constitutes as an obstacle then we do, that’s why stating as clearly as possible what your after really helps bypass a great many of those little hiccups.


Or you can just offer your ancestors and/or spirits and ask them for forgiveness if they are upset. According to jason Miller it is as important as just offering to dieties you are working with.

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But Bune told me I didn’t upset them

Then why the headache. You can still keep offering to your ancestors. It will smoothen out the rough edges from ur genes, dna. Basically problems related to genetic memory ( not talking about illness only, like if multiple ancestors of ur had beef with authority, most likely at one point u will face something like that too) will go away.

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And on top of that I don’t know who I am offering to

While offering just say that ‘’ I am offering this to 14 generation of my ancestors from my mother’s side and 14 generation from my father’s side ‘’

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I can offer one thing to all of them ?

Best is to offer two different things to both sides. If not possible, one will do the work. Keep doing it daily or atleast weekly to get results.

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What kind of results ? For example I give them the offerings and then I ask demons to help with me out with things ?

Also does this mean don’t call on vine ?