My amazing delivery

Today I went to pick up a delivery from local post office. This is what I got today:

Ave Lucifer :heart::metal:


he looks exactly like that when he appears to me, his eyes too, this is both his light and dark side, of course, i dont know about the underwear though

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He asked me to get one of his aspects for the altar


Could I see the altar if possible, is it dedicated to Lucifer?

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lucifer says thank you

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Did he say that to you? I will ask him myself what he thinks.

I have just asked Lucifer “What do you think about the potrait of one of your aspects?”

Lucifer replied "You honour me well with this, you offerings and your dedication.


This is my altar dedicated to him


thank you for that, i needed someone else to talk to him to make sure i was not going crazy, he said the same thing to you, just in different words, thank you Jason

I have done a “deep bonding ritual” with Lucifer and I can talk to him without invocation. I want to hear his voice for real.

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Good job Ja50! It’s great that he is so pleased with your workings.

Also that portrait looks awesome on your altar. Very nice addition.

Thank you so much @Single_Seed_In_Hell for your kind words. I have another beautiful gift that is being created as I speak now that I will be offering him at some point.

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may I know what it is? Lucifer is curios, he just asked me to ask you

It is not quite finished yet and I will certainly post it as soon as I receive an update…I thought Lucifer would of known what I was getting him as a gift since his presence is always at my home :wink::metal:


Just received an update on my latest gift for Lucifer. It has been finished and is ready to be shipped to me.

Very happy with the result of this creation.
@StrengthenedWarrior what did Lucifer say to you when he saw this?


I personally really like it, Lucifer says he loves it

Really? He told me that he likes it also. Ask him what are myself and Lucifer working on right now?

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im sorry i will not do any more Q and As, nothing personal.

No worries I was just trying to see if Lucifer was connecting through both of us

actually, come to pm

You’re welcome!

I just noticed it, very nice. I saw the beautiful carved sigil your friend made as well. That is some very well done custom work.