My altar for Archangel Michael

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new with everything.

Here is my Altar
What is missing?
Is it accurate?
What is the benefit of having an altar?


You altar is beautiful.I am sure that archangel Michael is pleased. When you put the altar in your environment that means you will achieve deep connection with that deity.You will feel his presence more and im this case you will be protected from any harmful spirit for sure ,because Michael is amazing in this kind of stuff.I suggest you to evoke him on daily basis so he can work on you ,do chakras balancing and cleansing,work on your character,to become a better version of yourself.


In my opinion an altar is a place dedicated to whatever you choose. It can represent your connection to a spirit and therefore help you strengthen this bond.
It can contain whatever you feel is needed there. It can be alot, and it can be just a few things.

My altar for Raphael is very minimalist, containing only a sigil, two small candles, two crystals and a ring.


Thank you so much :innocent:

Sigil on paper or something else ?

I absolutely love Raphael!! He’s such a sweet heart ;_;


I agree :upside_down_face: do you have the sigil of her?

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I removed the ring for the picture because it is very personal.


That is so beautiful, you have printed the sigil right?

No I drew it myself.
(the sigil, not the beautiful flowers in the background)


I absolutely adore that altar! It’s so cute and I know your guardians definitely and absolutely appreciate it :3

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Thank you! :smiley:

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It doesn’t have to be fancy, at all. The point of an altar is to play the role of a memento and living evidence of your respect and deep relationship with the entity.
Do you feel it’s incomplete? Fill it up.
Do you think it’s ok? Leave it be.

I’m sure Arch. Michael likes it anyway. It’s the thought, the intention that matters.
I personally love it :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s looks amazing I plan to make one for him and metatron ,


Thanks what Can i add for metatron ?

Thank you :upside_down_face:

anything that strongly resembles him , his main symbol is his sacred geometry cube / star , a figure resembling him , Orgone pyramids I like to get with his symbol on them ,