My (almost) first attempt to contact King Paimon

My attempt to contact him, was during Samhain, at 00.00 o clock.
During Tuesday, I had some strange coincidences: when I pick up my notebook to draw the sigil, I found a spider under it.
Spider is my lucky animal, everytime I have dreams about it, I earn moneys from nowhere.

During my preparation, when I was unrwapping my candle, my older cat tried to play with me.
It is strange due to fact she never plays.

After my preparation of candle, incense and sigil, I tried to relax myself with breathing.
No visualisation or anything else, just breathing.
I had my offering in front of me, and it was candies I love, next to my request of being guided by him in my stage of newbie.
During relaxation, I heard someone whistling nearby.
I thought was someone outdoor, but I was hearing it on my left ear, and then on my right… it kept moving between my ears.
Than, I was scared, something I can’t explain, began to scary me… I was scared of nothing, and I had to stop.
I don’t know what happened yesterday night, but my cats are calmer and can sleep in peace together without scratching each other.

I do not forget to mention that I opened the sigil, because I didn’t.
I haven’t opened it yet.

What are your thoughts about?


Oftentimes, in an evocation, it’s better to push through the fear than to let it scare you away. Many entities will try to test you before actually allowing you to work with them, and honestly, you failed his test I feel.

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Yes, I failed.
But I didn’t fail for myself.
I know why I stopped and I’ll work on that not to fail anymore.